Nate’s News XLIX

Sunday Adventure Ride

The momentum of our Sunday Ride Program (what I’ve always called the “Nate’s Guided Tours”) has been taking off lately with me cutting back on racing, spending more weekends with my customers and the spreading of the good word from our customers who participate and have a blast on the ride.  I have also made some drastic changes in how the rides are operated:

1. Set the time earlier in the day so we can get you back to your family at a decent hour so you can enjoy them.

2. Providing more helpful riding tips to the participants.

3. The rides have been more docile and conducive to a scenic tour rather than speeding down the remote backroads and missing all the sightseeing opportunities.

4.  Implementing a daily challenge to push the riders out of their comfort zone, but not too far to be hazardous i.e. slow speed races in parking lots, and riding down dirt roads on street bikes to learn how to handle that situation effectively and safely.

The last two Sunday rides we had were so much fun that the pilots couldn’t wait to get to the next rest area to share their excitement with the rest of the pilots they just met that day.  Our big Sunday Ride at the end of last month was almost all European machines we offer, giving us a common area of interest to start with, and then I exposed all of the riders to my River Run which was all roads they have never experienced before.  I basically take you down awesome country roads that all parallel rivers, creeks and streams almost all the way.  This ride took us down through Salem to the back side of Shawsville, Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Riner, Floyd, Willis; then back into Floyd, via the parkway where we did slow speed races for free Tuggles Gap pie compliments of N8?,for some Tuggles Gap runs and lunch.  We continued our way back to our home destination via Floyd and meandored our way back through some fine twisties in Shawsville that dumped us back onto 460 for a relaxing last stretch back into town.

That past Sunday I had another great attendance with over 15 riders again, and they were all eager to ride as the excitement was overflowing the parking lot with everyone anticipating where this adventure would take them.  We did a shorter route as some of the Sunday riders had time restrictions, including yours truly.  I took our group down 419 to 311 and hit Big Stoney which surprisingly very few of the participants had experienced for themselves yet.  Missing out on scenic routes right in their back yard.  This is when I gave them their first challenge, riding up to the White Rock We biked through Virginian civilizationcampsite for some mild, manicured, dirt/gravel roads to show them that their street machines are not just limited to asphalt and that there are ways to make themselves safer when those situations arise.  That’s when you could hear the smiles and laughs through their helmets and well after our group discussion on some gravel riding techniques.  What a blast to expose people to something new and have them overcome challenges they have been too timid to tackle before the pack mentality kicks and…well…”everyone else is doing it, guess I’ll give her a shot” helps them overcome their fears.  We jumped back on the pavement and made our way to 460 for a cruise down the cage trail that led us to our next fun destination, CineBowl in Blacksburg, which provided us nourishment to complete the ride ...and wildlife.and our traditional “get to know your fellow riders” talk over lunch.  The atmosphere was great and they even had MotoGP playing on all the TVs for us, now that’s service!!  At that point a few of the pilots were close to home and peeled off to their families and we headed back up some twisties to Salem for a final parting of ways.

Look forward to seeing you out on our next Sunday Ride and hope you tell your friends of the great time to be had with the Frontline Crew and Frontline Family.

Sunday Ride Info

Assemble: 8:40 a.m.

Depart: 9:00 a.m.

Rally Point: Frontline Eurosports, 1003 Electric Rd., Salem, VA 24153

***Don’t forget we’re doing dual sport and adventure touring riding events the first Sunday of every month.  Let’s get those GS and Tiger machines dirty!****


Nate’s Bike Review: The Big New Model Review of the Year

I will be long winded, as usual, as I have been cramming all the miles I can on the latest editions to our lineup in the last month or so.  Not only to include road time on these machines but also getting to experience them on the track as well, where you can really feel the technology working for you repetitively and be able to duplicate the same situation over and over again in a safe environment.  This month I will be doing a review on the ’16 BMW S1000XR, ’16 R1200RS, ’16 Ducati Scrambler, and Chip is going to assist me in the review of the ’15 F800R and ’15 S1000RR!!!!

2016 BMW S1000XR – The new potential “Best Bike Ever” award winner is the amazingly well thought and designed BMW S1000XR.  It has the heart and soul of the S1000R and the comfort and ergonomics of the R1200GS.  We have combined a GS style seating position with the power plant featuring 160 bhp and all the electronic options such as switchable ABS, switchable DTC, DDC Suspension, Ride Modes Pro, Gear Shift Assist Pro, etc etc…. There isn’t much to say about this bike in its defense, you’ll just have to come ride one yourself.  It’s all you have probably already read about all expect from the leading Super Sport and Best Adventure Touring machine ever produced…the spawn was amazing and has set the bar for the pinnacle line of machines.  I do have to state that there is the rumor of buzzing in the bars which Chip and I didn’t experience on our tours on thisA red BMW S1000XR spectacular machine, but have heard of some customers who are getting it with extremely long trips.  This is something that I contacted BMW about and they are working on a fix for that which will stop the only complaint anyone has ever been able to nitpick on this next level motorcycle from BMW Motorrad.

A 2016 BMW R1200RS2016 BMW R1200RS – The R1200RS was a pleasant surprise to the line-up for 2016.  Many of you have been anxiously awaiting the return of the RS and with its great history already in our memory banks and our integration of that name with all the new technology we have been blessed with on all the water cooled boxers, you are going to love this machine!!!  The elimination of the Tele Lever front end was the most amazing thing I think BMW did for the R line facelift, and it’s still impressive on the RS but you do the feel the extra weight of the upper compared to the R and the longer wheel base to accommodate that weight is noticeable as well.  Still a fantastic ride that offers all the wind protection you might desire on the R bike, but still quite a different machine than the R which most people thought would be the same bike with an upper.

The 2015 BMW F800R2015 BMW F800R – More power, better suspension, better brakes, new design headlight, and the addition of traction control, which I unfortunately had to use my first ride (and saved my butt), makes for a spectacular $10K naked sport bike from BMW.  This F800R will give you all the clout of owning a BMW, all the performance in the twisties, and the reliability of their parallel twin in a super safe package that bring a relaxing pleasure to your ride.  This is the first motorcycle I’ve ridden in the slow lane…and been okay with it…as it does what YOU want it to, it doesn’t always beg you for more throttle or harder input, but will do almost anything you ask of it in a slow easy steering, smooth throttle delivering package that is just straight up compliant and fun.

A line of 2015 BMW S1000RRs2015 BMW S1000RR –  AMAZING!!!!  Had to do my best to keep Chip and I’s wallets I our pockets to keep from putting one in our garage that day.  The new torque curve is so wicked, the power comes on so much earlier at the 5K mark instead of the 8.5K mark like the predecessor models.  And when it comes to trinkets, BMW threw them on there this year!!!  We have the only super sport bike in the world that comes factory with heated grips and cruise control…all that with the already seamless Dynamic Traction Control and ABS now being able to be manipulated by the pilot via the new USER mode.  More power, less weight, more impressive design, continuous improvements to the already class leading bike keeps my tongue hanging out for the next sunny day to demo one again, and again, and again!!!!  The DDC is the only option I have in question on the ultimate supersport out, as I felt like I experienced a bit more feedback than I wanted when actuating the ABS on extremely hard braking in a track atmosphere, something that probably won’t ever be felt by most pilots on the street unless in rain mode or violent with the brakes but I have to be fair and give my full opinion.  With all the different build options we are sure to find one that fits your needs and budget.

The trsuty Ducati Scrambler2016 Ducati Scrambler – Big boy power in a little package, just like Nate hahahaha.  Well, let’s switch gears back over to the release of the Ducati Scrambler that has been highly sought after ever since its first spy shot was released on the internet.  It was worth the wait for a sub $10K Ducati motorcycle with the 75hp V-Twin with lots of soul and an appropriate growl.  The bike feels extremely light with a 420lb package that positions the weight just right to keep a low CG.  The stock Pirelli tires feel so good on the street and do well off-road once deflated to an appropriate pressure.  I have some complaints about the bikes all-around performance though, I would highly suggest the Ohlins rear shock replacement and front suspension kits that will hopefully make it a more palatable two riding machine.  I did 150 miles with my wife on the bike, both of us small framed individuals, and never again.  I’ve never wanted to get off a bike so bad, and combining the lack of communication with the front end, and the rough ride with a two up situation with the waffle grips and bars in the wrong position (which I did correct with the under seat tool kit which is bad ass!!) there is lots of numbing issues with the hands and arms.  Now, once you get back on the bike solo and straight rip her around town, you’ll forget all the negatives you ever experienced with the awesome power and sexy tone as you flaunt your new Ducati down the congested city streets, backroads, or even on the gravel/mud.  The brakes are straight monster and the flickability is astounding!!!  14 more HP than the Triumph, 95 lbs lighter than the Triumph, and ABS makes for a very competitive machine to compete again the long standing Triumph Scrambler which has captured many of our hearts.  It boils down to if you are looking for a two up machine or not, I would definitely rather be on the heavier, easier to ride Scrambler, BUT, if I’m rippin’ my way to work in the morning, this would be a great cup of coffee for you in the morning or anytime.


Nate’s Parts/Service Dept. Section:

Our Ducati Parts and Accessories are trickling in and we are excited to help you get outfitted in the latest gear and casual apparel to show off your Ducati pride.

With all the success of the RR line dominating the liter bike industry, we can help you take your machine to the next level and unlock hidden secrets your motorcycle is only capable of exposing with the application of certain HP products only available at authorized HP dealers like ourselves.

Andrew Ellis, our motorcycle parts and service managerEveryone knows and loves our Service Manager Andrew Ellis, always with a smile on his face and willing to help you smile about your machine just as much.  Recently Andrew has undergone some necessary surgeries and is need of our love and support.  We are going to have a donations jug at our parts counter for those deem it only right to give back to the man and his family who gave our two wheeled community so much.

Contact our Parts Dept. or Service Dept. for more information @ (540) 387-9780.


Track Days: Previous P.R.E. VIR Full & VIR North

The VIR Full courseAnother day at the track, another great group of enthusiasts, and another mission complete.  The track, VIR Full course provided by P.R.E., the group, some of the usual suspects and plenty of new ones.  The first Full Course we did had a large turn out with lots of first time track dayers and my loyal track day junkies too.  We had Mr. Jones on his new 2016 S1000XR, Mike on his new Street Triple R, Kevin on his new Street Triple R, Cameron Williams on his GSXR1000, Sloan West on his “Frontline Eurusports Race bike” Daytona 675R, Steve on his Daytona 675R race bike and S1000RR track bike, TJ A great turn out at the motorcycle trackHorne brought two bikes as well (S1000RR and a Suzuki GSXR), Jeff on his Diavel, and I was rockin’ the S1000RR again.  With such a great group of instructors and fellow track day participants we love working with P.R.E. and getting the experience of a life time riding on the VIR Full Course.  We have lots of days with them in 2015 and have some great opportunities for more riders to get out there with us in 2016.

It was great hanging out with everyone.The next P.R.E. track day we did was another full day and we had a smaller turn out but twice as fun for the few that did show as we got lots of time to focus on what we wanted…fun…..I’ll keep it short and sweet as we will have ride reports available on facebook.

P.R.E. gave us another great opportunity to ride with them two weeks ago at VIR North, perfect for our race team members to get some practice before taking on the CCS Festival of Speed 9.19-20.15.  Which was a great battling weekend for Sloan, Jon, and I.  We all had some battles and amazing passes that we will remember forever, but Jon got into a little too much of a battle going in to turn 7 with another machine and ended up putting the race bike on the asphalt and his clavicle broken again.  So we wish Jon a quick recovery for next year when he jumps up to Expert level CCS racing.


2015 Race Results:

Sloan West's Triumph Daytona 675R motorcycleSloan West: I just want to say thanks to all of the crew at Frontline Eurosports for helping a great group of local racers this year. In just the second year racing the Triumph Motorcycles Daytona 675R, we were able to take home a CCS Southeast Heavyweight SuperSport 1st place and a 2nd in Middleweight Supersport. Had a blast racing all year long and looking forward to going faster next year!

Jon Follmer: Well we didn’t break any track records this weekend, just a left collar bone which ended my weekend very early. Thursday I will go in to get it plated….for the second time. Since I didn’t race, I was left with a lot of reflection time to think about this season. I have had the privilege of meeting, racing with, and swapping paint with some of the best guys on the grid(as you will all see this post). We have had quite the competition this year compared to my 2014 season.

In 2014, I got Third Place SE Region MWSS with lap times that were several seconds slower than I was turning this year and with far less points. This year there were many of us that were all about the same speed which led to some great racing. We all made each other that much faster as the year went on! I had 3 goals this year, Turn 1:35’s at VIR, win a championship, and make some new friends. All have been checked of the list, so I guess we have to say this year was a success! As we all move to Expert next year, it will be interesting to see how we continue to improve our riding.

This year I earned 8 First Places, 9 Second Places, and 8 Third Place finishes….the rest we won’t talk about. The result was several Top 3 finishes in multiple regions, 1 Summit Point MWSS Track Championship, and 1 Atlantic MWSS Championship. To add to that list I now have one broken collar bone….I believe Mark Rhoades has had 2 this season so he won that title too. I believe two of my greatest accomplishments this year were winning 2 MWSS races with over a 9 second gap to second place. One was at VIR when I turned several solid 1:35’s in June and the other was at NJMP where I turned solid 1:30’s after just 14 laps on the track since my previous visit 4 years ago. I know Glen Mitchell hated that one since I showed up to NJMP for the fun of it, and left with a championship.

Overall it was a good year and I must say the Honda did alright despite what many said it was not capable of doing. She sure showed them! We stuck together through it all and I am still not going to get rid of her. I will have Kenny adjust the valving as needed for me and keep running her into the future. I still have a lot to learn about the bike and can definitely improve further on it before I change rides(if I ever do). My goal is to turn 1:32’s around VIR next year on the same bike you saw this year….maybe if I turn flat 1:30’s at VIR North on this ole’ girl I will make the switch to a different ride. I said that last year, but that number to beat was 1:35′s for a new bike… the bike might never leave.

I can tell you it will come back next year looking more visually appealing thanks to Daniel Grabowski. I want to say thanks to my girl friend Allison Shade who told me last night “we will get you back on the track once you have healed and I will still support you and your racing even though you break things”, my family who has supported me throughout this whole crazy season, Frontline Eurosports, Chicken Hawk motorcycles underneath a tentRacing Tire Warmers, Pit Bull, EBC Brakes, Liquid Performance of America, Dunlop, Kenneth Martin of MRP Performance, and James Owen Ray of Willow Downs Performance. I think this picture is a great way to sum up my season right before my crash. Always cheering on the competition hahaha.

Congrats to all of the guys who won at VIR and took their places on the podium! Photo credit to Jason Adams as well as a bigthank you for taking care of me after my VIR crash.

Ask Nate how you can get a FREE Track Day with P.R.E. when you purchase a new Super Sport or Sport motorcycle from Frontline Eurosports.

Check out the link below for you to ride with Frontline Eurosports and Performance Riding Experience

“See you at the Track”


Upcoming Events:

October 10, 2015: Our Trunk Show

Frontline Eurosports 2015 Trunk Show

October 18, 2015: Sunday Ride

Start Planning for 2016: 4/29/2016 – 5/01/2016: Frontline Eurosports 1st Spring Rally!







New Units:

  • 2016 BMW S1000XR Std. in White
  • 2016 BMW S1000R in Black
  • 2016 BMW R1200RT in Bronze
  • 2016 BMW R1200GS Prem. in White
  • 2016 BMW F800GT Prem. In Grey
  • 2015 BMW S1000RR Blk Prem. w/ Forged Wheels
  • 2015 BMW S1000RR Race Package in Red
  • 2015 BMW R1200GSA Prem. in M. Green
  • 2015 BMW R1200GS Prem in White or Red
  • 2015 BMW R1200R in White/Red
  • 2015 BMW RnineT
  • 2014 BMW C650GT in Havanna  !!!!HUGE SALE!!!!
  • 2013 BMW C600 Sport in Black $8,999
  • New Ducati motorcycles inventory2016 Ducati Panigale 1299
  • 2015 Ducati Panigale 1299S
  • 2015 Ducati Street Fighter 848
  • 2015 Ducati Multistrada 1200S in Red
  • 2015 Ducati Monster 821 Dark & Stripe & Red
  • 2015 Ducati HyperMotard Black
  • 2015 Ducati Diavel Carbon Red
  • 2015 Ducati Scrambler Icon in Yellow & Urban Enduro in Green
  • 2015 Triumph Tiger800 XCX in Black
  • 2015 Triumph Tiger800 XR in Blue
  • 2015 Truimph Rocket III Roadster in Black with Red Racing Stripes
  • 2015 Triumph Thunderbird LT in Red and Black
  • 2015 Triumph Thunderbird Commander in Red
  • 2015 Triumph Bonneville T-100 Black
  • 2015 Triumph Bonneville T-214 Limited Edition
  • 2015 Triumph Bonneville NEWCHURCH
  • 2015 Triumph Street Triple R in White
  • 2015 Triumph Daytona 675R Matte Black
  • 2014 Triumph Daytona 675R Crystal White
  • 2014 Triumph Street Triple in Cosmic Green


New Used Units:

  • 2014 BMW S1000RR in Granite & White 1,500 miles $14,750
  • 2014 BMW S1000RR in Black ONLY $13,999
  • 2013 BMW R1200RT Prem in Grey $15,999
  • 2012 BMW K1600GTL in Silver Prem with GPS, Engine Bars, LED Brake Light $17,999
  • 2002 BMW R1200C in Cream with screen $6,499
  • 2013 Ducati Hyperstrada with only 2K miles $9,999
  • 2008 Ducati 848 in Red with only 6,375 miles $7,499

  • 2013 Triumph Tiger Explorer 1215 in Blue with SW MotoTech Panniers and Leo Vince $10,999
  • 2013 Triumph Speed Triple R in Black with Rizoma goodies $10,999
  • 2013 Honda CB1100 in Red with Corbin, Top Box, Screen, Engine Bars/Pegs $5,999
  • 2015 Victory Gunner with detachable windscreen $9,999
  • 2012 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic 1700 in Black with Backrest and Highway Bars $8,110
  • 2012 Suzuki DL650 VStrom in Orange with Top Box and Handguards $5,999
  • 2011 Suzuki V-Strom DL650 ABS in White only 2,800 miles $4,999
  • 2011 Honda NPS 50 Ruckus in Orange with new motor $1,499
  • 2008 Harley Davidson FXSTB Night Train with Hyper Charger + Vance & Hines $9,999
  • 2008 Suzuki S83 Boulevard in Black and lowered, screen & bags $4,500
  • 2006 Honda VTX1300R in Blue with Saddlebags, backrest with rack and highway pegs $4,499

BMW, Triumph and Ducati motorcyles

Also, check our Frontline Eurosports website with huge used inventory, and contact Nate for information,


Sold High Priority Units

  • 2016 BMW S1000XR in Red SOLD
  • 2016 BMW R1200RS in Blue SOLD
  • 2015 BMW RnineT SOLD “Still have a unit available”
  • 2015 BMW R1200GSA 2X – Blue & Green SOLD 1 Green left
  • 2015 BMW R1200GS in White SOLD “ONLY ONE LEFT”
  • 2015 BMW S1000RR Motorrad Premium SOLD
  • 2015 BMW F700GS in Red & Black SOLD
  • 2015 Triumph Street Triple RX Limited Edition SOLD
  • 2015 Triumph America LT in Blue SOLD
  • 2015 Triumph Bonneville T-100 in Orange/Black SOLD
  • 2014 Triumph Trophy SE in Blue SOLD
  • 2014 Triumph Thruxton in Black SOLD
  • 2013 Triumph Bonneville T-100 Red & White SOLD
  • 2015 KTM 690 Enduro R SOLD
  • 2013 BMW R1200GS in Red SOLD
  • 2013 Suzuki GSR750 in Blue SOLD
  • 2013 Yamaha FZ-09 in Gray SOLD
  • 2011 Ducati 848 in M. Blk SOLD
  • 2005 BMW R1200GS in Yellow SOLD
  • 1998 BMW R1200C in Black SOLD

 And many more not listed…

“CUSTOMER  IS  KING” @ Frontline   Eurosports

Our valued Frontline Eurosports customers

**If you see a unit online you are interested in but can’t get to the store for a while you can always put a deposit on the bike over the phone to ensure the bike will be there for you when you are ready***


Customer Corner

BMW Incentives:

Now through Oct 31, 2015, when you purchase a select, specially-equipped new BMW motorcycles from dealer stock you’ll receive:

Stop by for great motorcycle discounts!


  • C 650 GT = $955
  • F 800 GS = $1,005
  • F 800 GT = $1,255
  • K 1600 GT = $1,750
  • R 1200 GS = $1,580
  • R1200GSA = $750
  • R 1200 R = $1,000
  • S1000RR = $1,500
  • RnineT = $1,000


Triumph Incentives:

Endless Summer Savings on 2014 and prior units for qualified customers:

  • Bonneville / Bonneville T-100 = $1,000 off or 1.99% APR
  • Daytona 675R = $1,000 off or 1.99% APR
  • Rocket III Touring = $1,000 off or 1.99% APR
  • Speedmaster = $1,000 off or 1.99% APR
  • Street Triple = $1,000 off or 1.99% APR
  • Thruxton = $1,000 off or 1.99% APR
  • Thunderbird Storm = $2,500 off or 1.99% APR
  • Tiger Explorer/XC = $2,500 off AND 0% APR


Ducati Incentives:


  • Hypermotard = $900 –or- 1.99% APR
  • Monster 821 = $800 –or- 1.99% APR
  • Street Fighter = $1,000 –or- 1.99% APR
  • Diavel Carbon = $1,500 –or- 0.0% APR


Welcome our newest members of the Frontline Family:

Andrew Barnett: (Shop Porter)

Andrew has been a valued customer of Frontline Eurosports since 7.11.2013 and was excited to find our ad for an open position and he has been nothing but a great asset to our business ever since.  Look forward to introducing him to our customers as they come in to see us.


Megan Dunmire: (Apparel / Marketing)

Megan joined our family in July 2015 and will now be Managing our Apparel, assisting with Marketing while also helping with the flow of customer traffic.  You will be impressed with her performance and customer service…we guarantee it!!!!



Nate’s News Frontline YouTube Channel -

Frontline Eurosports Facebook -

Frontline Race Team Facebook –


Thanks for reading,

Nate Jennings

Sales Leader

(540) 387-9780

Frontline Eurosports

1003 Electric Road

Salem, VA. 24153


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How To Decide On A New Motorcycle

First time motorcycle buyers often make regretful mistakes when purchasing their first motorcycle. So we encourage you to think twice be you do an impulsive buy whether you just finished your motorcycle training, finally fulfilling a life dream/desire or just want to reward yourself.

Whatever the reason, the decision to purchase a new motorcycle brings with it tremendous emotions and anticipation. Advice as to horse power, size, color, performance qualities are crucial to making the right decision, unfortunately that’s not the case as one often gets poor advice from a glossy magazine article or from a greedy salesperson.

The guiding rules that we use when working with a potential new buyer of is motorcycle are very simple.

  • First, and most difficult is to determine why the customer is buying a motorcycle. Often times the customer only knows that they desire one. At this point, it is our job to carefully determine how the customer plans to use the bike.
  • Second, it is a matter of establishing the customer’s budget. Moving ahead, choices begin to narrow.
  • Third, determining the class of motorcycle desired. We sell four distinct classes of motorcycles: Traditional, Sport, Cruiser and Dual Sport/Adventure
  • Fourth, determining the seat height, ride position, color, type of present or future accessories to add, all come into the equation.
  • Lastly, unless the buyer is definite as to choices at this point we make two recommendations. First, we encourage test rides. Second if confused, wait. Do not force a decision. Oddly enough, in more times, and more cases, we encourage new riders, and first time buyers to shop local classifieds or Craig’s list and find a bike similar to what they feel that they want and spend as little as possible.

Motorcycling is a very personal, fun,  and fulfilling way of life. So enjoy the ride by making sure it’s the right ride for you!

We sell new and used motorcycles, but more than that, we seek to develop ongoing relationships with our customers. So before you buy make sure you stop by and contact one of our Frontline Eurosports qualified team members who will ask you the right questions so you can get the right bike for you!

Fun Fact: In many cases, most of the purchase price of a used, good condition bike  can be recovered if traded in an early future date on a new motorcycle. In fact, we will evaluate the potential purchase, and give the buyer and idea what they could expect if traded on a new bike.

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Track Days: N8! Kern Track Day at Roebling Road Raceway Feb. 23rd

Track Days with Frontline Eurosports2015 has a lot in store for us and our Track Day Junkie Buddy, N8! Kern, the factory BMW RR Ambassador and Test Pilot.  We will be joining N8! at RRR like last year for more action in his backyard.  Stay tuned for Track Days dates available and times that Frontline Eurosports and Frontline Eurosports Race Team will convoying down to participate in his Private Track Days, invitation only, and I’ve got your invite!!!!

We did just return from our Annual December Track Day with N8! Kern at Roebling Road Raceway, Dec. 8-9th 2014, for two whole days of fun in the Savannah sun.  We were blessed to have our great customer who we have converted to track day junkies participate, to include, Jeff Cook on his 2014 BMW S1000RR, Brian Jarlenski on his SV650, Martin Louthian on his BMW R1100RS, and Greg Andrews on his 2013 Triumph Speed Triple R.  I took the SV650 again as I didn’t have time to prep the Street Triple R I am preparing to be a dangerous weapon!!  We had no accidents, no complaints, and nothing but raw dawg fun and training with excellent instructors and professional staff at Roebling Road Raceway, yeah that’s you Stephanie!!!

We had lots of open track and tons of track time as there were about a dozen participants riding in two different sessions.  My personal highlight, we had N8! jump on Brian’s SV650 and do a little one on one, just us on the track, and got great perspective what does and does not change line wise when transferring from a liter bike to a lightweight bike.  Thanks N8!

Brian, Ian and Nate at Track Days Video

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Frontline Eurosports Sunday Ride and N8!

Sunday Ride: Saturday Ride and N8! Kern Track DayTrip Frontline Eurosports Sunday Ride Now that is winter and fewer and fewer people are riding, we need to keep our two wheeled legs on and either train in warmer areas or at least keep our mind sharp with what’s new in the world of motorcycles and motorcycles protection and accessories. The DC IMS show this past weekend was a great opportunity to view the new motorcycles that we might not have in our inventory yet, but will, as well as, accessories, and products, to include safety gear.  So make plans to visit the show this weekend or you can always come by or call us for the What’s Hot and New in the motorcycle industry!!!  And don’t worry, Sunday Rides will be back soon and with more structure and longer destination style rides that will guarantee you an opportunity to plan in advance and know exactly who will be participating in the ride with you…can’t wait to get back out and ride with our friends again!!! Stop by our store for details or contact us at 540-387-9780. ***Don’t forget that we are doing dual sport and adventure touring riding events the first Sunday of every month.  Let’s get those GS and Tiger machines dirty!!!!!!!****

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URAL Bikes Ready to Buy + Prepare For the URAL Salem Spring Ralley!

URAL Gear Up 2014 at Frontline EuroSports

If you’re searching for a fun, functional bike with a classic, old-world look, you need to hear about the URAL’s we have in stock at Frontline Eurosports.

These sidecar bikes have a storied history that goes all the way back to World War Two, but they’ve since updated their hardware and features, while keeping a vintage look and feel. URAL’s can function as fun little cruisers or take on tough terrain, as evidenced by the video below.

URAL’s are fun to drive, but practical. Depending on the model, the sidecar has about 3ft of storage and the vehicle as a whole can handle over 1300 lbs of weight. With a five gallon gas tank and around 35 MPG fuel economy, URAL’s can handle short trips or longer tours.

2013 URAL RETRO - Frontline Eurosports

Frontline Eurosports is hosting a URAL Salem Spring Rally for all URAL enthusiasts in April 2015. With destination rides, door prizes, a cook out, and other activities, it’s a great place to connect with other riders who share your interest in these unique bikes. Get your bike now and get in on the fun!

Don’t forget to check out the video below to get a better feel for how URAL’s perform and handle various terrain, and make sure to check out our website for more information and check out which models we have in stock! As always,  contact us with any questions!


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Track Days: CornerSpeed October 6th at Virginia International Raceway

Track DaysWe are about to hit up another Track Day with CornerSpeed this October 6th for a GRAND COURSE experience!!  CornerSpeed is the only organization that has the ability to run the Grand course at VIR and we need all the pilots we can get to come out and experience this opportunity. There will be lots of Classroom for those seeking to hone their track and street skills in a safe atmosphere.

Have the chance to train with wonderful instructors such as Jamie Ray, XXX, Butters, Pete Moravak, and many more…..  We will be there to represent Frontline Eurosports, BMW Motorrad, and Triumph motorcycles like the amazing S1000RR and 675R!!

“See you at the Track”

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Nate’s Parts Dept./Service Dept. Deals: Antigravity Batteries

Anti Gravity BatteriesFor those of you who don’t know, there is some spectacular technology out there that will blow your mind in the battery world!!!

The Antigravity Battery, Micro-Start PPS Personal Power Supply, has been used around the shop and is tested by our technicians and employees every day, whether it is starting a service customers motorcycle who has a dead battery, jumping off our own vehicles and race cars, to even giving our cell phones a charge at work when we forget our wall chargers, this package does it all.

We even had an employee’s husband take one to work and start a semi truck with a dead battery just to see if it would do it, well, made some pretty big boys upset when their laughs turned into dumbfounded stares of disbelief!!!  See what the Antigravity Battery can do for you, come on by and talk to our parts associates and ask for a demo.

For more info. Contact  Jason, Travis, or Van in our Parts Dept. (540) 387-9780.

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Nate’s Bike Review: K1300S Review / 2015 BMW K1300S is Back!!

BMW K1300SThe infamous BMW K1300S. We recently traded a loaded Premium model K1300S in and I had the chance to play with her a bit and get some road time on this model which I don’t get to do often.

The K1300S is a wonderful to ride as the first thing you notice is the comfortable seat and yes the huge power the in-line four cylinder pumps out. When you are looking at a sport touring machine you have to take in two characteristics, obviously, sport capability and comfort for touring situations and the K1300S guarantees you with 160+ bhp, shaft drive and duo lever front suspension, and BMW ergonomics.

The saddle is extremely comfortable with lots of cushion for the long travels or even feels nice when taking that short commute down to Rider’s Night. We don’t even need to mention the power of the bike except that she likes to be ridden, it would be a happy bike, RPM to power delivery ratio, at higher speeds rather than the super slow speed stuff you find yourself in occasionally while in urban environments. That’ where the transmission feels clunkier, as these bike have such huge solid transmission gears that it will last forever but feel a bit chunky on low RPM short shifts.

Features on this amazing motorcycle are astounding: Switchable ABS (anti-lock brake system), Switchable ASC (Automatic Stability Control), ESA with Preload and dampening modes (3 preload setting and 3 dampening setting for each to give you nine options), heated grips for your comfort, board computer to stay in touch with the bike and your environment, Gear Shift Assist for those performance up shifts (no clutch necessary on up shifts), Steel braided brake and clutch lines as it has a hydraulic clutch, and can be outfitted with all the farkle we BMW nuts love to include a center stand and expandable luggage.

Come on down and feel out your own K1300S with us a Frontline Eurosports and also familiarize yourself with the new 2015 that BMW brought back from not offering it in 2014.

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Triumph America Headquarters Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

To help spread awareness and raise funds for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”), employees at Triumph’s Atlanta headquarters took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The challenge involves dupming a bucket of ice water onto one’s head – while being filmed – or donating to ALS research.  It also entails nominating others to take the challenge within 24 hours or forfeit by way of a charitable donation.

Before taking their ice bath, Triumph of America COO Mat Sheahan and staff nominated the following to take the challenge:

  • All Triumph North American Dealers
  • Keith Wandell – President & CEO, Harley Davidson
  • Steve Menetto – Vice President – Motorcycles, Victory & Indian
  • Dominique Cheraki – CEO, Ducati NA

Ice Bucket Challenge

Help create a world without ALS! To take the challenge and make a charitable donation, go to ALAS site. 

Frontline Eurosports supports ALS!

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Nate’s 2015 BMW Bike Review

Nate’s Bike Review: What is to come in 2015

2015 BMWIn 2015 BMW Motorrad will be adding even more models to the already exciting 2015 line up.  There will also be revisions to the models that were recently released to include the addition of:

2015 BMW K1300S is back with a Special Edition

2015 BMW R1200GS gets a heavier crankshaft to further enhance engine smoothness, optional Shift Assistant Pro, optional Keyless Ride.

2015 BMW R1200GSA Adventure is now available with optional lowered suspension (860mm seat height), further reduction when seat from R 1200 GS is fitted (840mm), optional Shift Assistant Pro, optional Keyless Ride.

2015 BMW K1600GT & GTL now has BMW Motorrad’s Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) as a standard option, optional Keyless Ride, optional Daytime Riding Light, optional Hill Start Control.

Triumph will also be adding to the line up with its new small bore Daytona and Naked Sportbike.  Rumor has it they will be releasing two new 250cc displacement models to the field to compete in the ever growing small displacement battle the entire industry is currently in.

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