URAL Bikes Ready to Buy + Prepare For the URAL Salem Spring Ralley!

URAL Gear Up 2014 at Frontline EuroSports

If you’re searching for a fun, functional bike with a classic, old-world look, you need to hear about the URAL’s we have in stock at Frontline Eurosports.

These sidecar bikes have a storied history that goes all the way back to World War Two, but they’ve since updated their hardware and features, while keeping a vintage look and feel. URAL’s can function as fun little cruisers or take on tough terrain, as evidenced by the video below.

URAL’s are fun to drive, but practical. Depending on the model, the sidecar has about 3ft of storage and the vehicle as a whole can handle over 1300 lbs of weight. With a five gallon gas tank and around 35 MPG fuel economy, URAL’s can handle short trips or longer tours.

2013 URAL RETRO - Frontline Eurosports

Frontline Eurosports is hosting a URAL Salem Spring Rally for all URAL enthusiasts in April 2015. With destination rides, door prizes, a cook out, and other activities, it’s a great place to connect with other riders who share your interest in these unique bikes. Get your bike now and get in on the fun!

Don’t forget to check out the video below to get a better feel for how URAL’s perform and handle various terrain, and make sure to check out our website for more information and check out which models we have in stock! As always,  contact us with any questions!


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Track Days: CornerSpeed October 6th at Virginia International Raceway

Track DaysWe are about to hit up another Track Day with CornerSpeed this October 6th for a GRAND COURSE experience!!  CornerSpeed is the only organization that has the ability to run the Grand course at VIR and we need all the pilots we can get to come out and experience this opportunity. There will be lots of Classroom for those seeking to hone their track and street skills in a safe atmosphere.

Have the chance to train with wonderful instructors such as Jamie Ray, XXX, Butters, Pete Moravak, and many more…..  We will be there to represent Frontline Eurosports, BMW Motorrad, and Triumph motorcycles like the amazing S1000RR and 675R!!

“See you at the Track”

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Nate’s Parts Dept./Service Dept. Deals: Antigravity Batteries

Anti Gravity BatteriesFor those of you who don’t know, there is some spectacular technology out there that will blow your mind in the battery world!!!

The Antigravity Battery, Micro-Start PPS Personal Power Supply, has been used around the shop and is tested by our technicians and employees every day, whether it is starting a service customers motorcycle who has a dead battery, jumping off our own vehicles and race cars, to even giving our cell phones a charge at work when we forget our wall chargers, this package does it all.

We even had an employee’s husband take one to work and start a semi truck with a dead battery just to see if it would do it, well, made some pretty big boys upset when their laughs turned into dumbfounded stares of disbelief!!!  See what the Antigravity Battery can do for you, come on by and talk to our parts associates and ask for a demo.

For more info. Contact  Jason, Travis, or Van in our Parts Dept. (540) 387-9780.

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Nate’s Bike Review: K1300S Review / 2015 BMW K1300S is Back!!

BMW K1300SThe infamous BMW K1300S. We recently traded a loaded Premium model K1300S in and I had the chance to play with her a bit and get some road time on this model which I don’t get to do often.

The K1300S is a wonderful to ride as the first thing you notice is the comfortable seat and yes the huge power the in-line four cylinder pumps out. When you are looking at a sport touring machine you have to take in two characteristics, obviously, sport capability and comfort for touring situations and the K1300S guarantees you with 160+ bhp, shaft drive and duo lever front suspension, and BMW ergonomics.

The saddle is extremely comfortable with lots of cushion for the long travels or even feels nice when taking that short commute down to Rider’s Night. We don’t even need to mention the power of the bike except that she likes to be ridden, it would be a happy bike, RPM to power delivery ratio, at higher speeds rather than the super slow speed stuff you find yourself in occasionally while in urban environments. That’ where the transmission feels clunkier, as these bike have such huge solid transmission gears that it will last forever but feel a bit chunky on low RPM short shifts.

Features on this amazing motorcycle are astounding: Switchable ABS (anti-lock brake system), Switchable ASC (Automatic Stability Control), ESA with Preload and dampening modes (3 preload setting and 3 dampening setting for each to give you nine options), heated grips for your comfort, board computer to stay in touch with the bike and your environment, Gear Shift Assist for those performance up shifts (no clutch necessary on up shifts), Steel braided brake and clutch lines as it has a hydraulic clutch, and can be outfitted with all the farkle we BMW nuts love to include a center stand and expandable luggage.

Come on down and feel out your own K1300S with us a Frontline Eurosports and also familiarize yourself with the new 2015 that BMW brought back from not offering it in 2014.

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Triumph America Headquarters Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

To help spread awareness and raise funds for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”), employees at Triumph’s Atlanta headquarters took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The challenge involves dupming a bucket of ice water onto one’s head – while being filmed – or donating to ALS research.  It also entails nominating others to take the challenge within 24 hours or forfeit by way of a charitable donation.

Before taking their ice bath, Triumph of America COO Mat Sheahan and staff nominated the following to take the challenge:

  • All Triumph North American Dealers
  • Keith Wandell – President & CEO, Harley Davidson
  • Steve Menetto – Vice President – Motorcycles, Victory & Indian
  • Dominique Cheraki – CEO, Ducati NA

Ice Bucket Challenge

Help create a world without ALS! To take the challenge and make a charitable donation, go to ALAS site. 

Frontline Eurosports supports ALS!

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Nate’s 2015 BMW Bike Review

Nate’s Bike Review: What is to come in 2015

2015 BMWIn 2015 BMW Motorrad will be adding even more models to the already exciting 2015 line up.  There will also be revisions to the models that were recently released to include the addition of:

2015 BMW K1300S is back with a Special Edition

2015 BMW R1200GS gets a heavier crankshaft to further enhance engine smoothness, optional Shift Assistant Pro, optional Keyless Ride.

2015 BMW R1200GSA Adventure is now available with optional lowered suspension (860mm seat height), further reduction when seat from R 1200 GS is fitted (840mm), optional Shift Assistant Pro, optional Keyless Ride.

2015 BMW K1600GT & GTL now has BMW Motorrad’s Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) as a standard option, optional Keyless Ride, optional Daytime Riding Light, optional Hill Start Control.

Triumph will also be adding to the line up with its new small bore Daytona and Naked Sportbike.  Rumor has it they will be releasing two new 250cc displacement models to the field to compete in the ever growing small displacement battle the entire industry is currently in.

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Sunday Rides!

Road Adventure Sunday RideSunday Ride: Pick your flavor…We do Road Rides, Off-Road Rides, Adventure Rides, and even Track Days!!

Road AdventureOur Sunday Ride program has been very successful this year even with me being gone a lot to participate in events out of state or at the track.  Thank you for coming out and making it such a great year so far, and there is more to come as I have been expanding the riding options to ensure we do not exclude any riding style from participating with Frontline Eurosports.  See below for our new riding events that have brought some new weekend riders to our door step every Sunday.


  1.  First Sunday of every month:  Jason and I took out on adventure touring machines and ripped up about 135 miles that day, most on great beginner level adventure touring roads consisting primarily of rural dirt and gravel roads.  They took us from Salem, into Roanoke, deep into Montgomery County, into the Floyd County and up to the Floyd downtown area where we refueled and jumped on roads that paralleled the Blue Ridge Parkway all the way back to the top of Bent Mountain.
  2. We found a day to do a full on dual sport ride with Logan and Matt where we completed the complete Pott’s Mountain Jeep Trail.  What beautiful scenery and awesome dual sport opportunity we had up there.  Pushed ourselves and our bikes to the limits with some of the obstacle courses we encountered, but nothing could hold these three dirt crazed maniacs back from completing the course and rewarding ourselves with an exhilarating ride down Pott’s Mountain on 311 when the dirt was all gone!!
  3. I got to take two pilots who had already completed the CornerSpeed Road Racing School to their first track day by themselves and watch them rip it up on bikes that one might not see at the track every day….a pair of BMW R1100S model bikes prepped for the track.  We ran into four or five other Roanoke residents who were enjoying VIR Full Course that day as well, such a small, tight, friendly community us motorcyclist live in isn’t it?
  4. My pride and joy of privileges that I get as a motorcycles salesman and employee of Frontline Eurosports.  Selling a new rider his first bike and getting to watch the experience from his first sight, to this first straddle, to taking ownership of the bike, and getting to go on their first ride with us on a Sunday Ride and meet their first motorcycle riding buddy, courtesy of Frontline Eurosports. ; )

    Dual Sport AdventureDon’t forget that we are doing dual sport and adventure touring riding events the first Sunday of every month.  Let’s get those GS and Tiger machines dirty!!!!!!

    Who: Anyone

    What: Sunday Ride with Frontline Eurosports Team

    Where: Frontline Eurosports 1003 Electric Road, Salem VA 24153

    When: Assembling at 10:40AM and departing promptly at 11:00AM

    Why: Fun, Great Food Destinations, Socialization, weekend get-a-way, TO RIDE THAT BIKE!!!


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Triumph Blow Out Sale!

Triumph Blow OutWe are having a Triumph Blow Out!  All new 2013 and 2014 Triumphs are priced at dealer cost or below!  They are new demo models with low mileage.  Need a trade?  Save big on a New Triumph!  Stop by Frontline Eurosports or contact our knowledgeable team at 540-387-9780 for more details!

Fun Fact!  Triumph came into existence in 1987 when German Siegfried Bettmann changed the name of his company to New Triumph Co. Ltd.

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2014 Events “What’s Happening” At Frontline Eurosports!

Nate KernThis Sunday, July 27th we will be joining Nate Kern at Roebling Road Raceway for a day of fun and instruction. Come join us !

With the recent purchase of a giant size Smoke Grill we will be hosting a monthly ride in “Pig Pick”  This will be available to all riders of all classes and an opportunity to showcase our dealership and offer demo rides on various bikes. Monthly dates will be noted beginning in August and will continue as long as weather permits. Monthly "Pig Pick" Ride

Loyal volunteers will be smoking the lucky or might I say unlucky pork candidate during the nightly hours prior to the Saturday event. One of our staff made the suggestion that we advertise: “Bring your Hog to our Hog event”

This being a great idea does point out that the events will be open to all riders. We are excited to be able to host this monthly event.

In other news, “Teach Oneal” will be returning to us in September. A date will be announced.

As always Frontline Eurosports is here for all your Eurosports needs and fun!  Contact us at 540-387-9780.

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An Invitation to a Private Track Day with Nate Kern

Join us for this special private track day, December 10, 2012, with Nate Kern, BMW MOA Ambassador and racer extraordinaire.

Get one more track day in before the end of the world on 12.21.12!!
We have a opportunity for you guys who wanted to get a track day in during the colder season, or those who wanted to go to a great introductory track day with our Ambassador for BMW, Factory Racer Nate Kern, who is hosting another Private Track Day in Dec.  This is a fast, high speed sweeping track with only 9 turns and minimum elevation changes compared to VIR.  This is where I did my first track day with Frank Kensey back in 2005.  If you have been waiting and wanting to go to a great track and haven’t been to CornerSpeed with us yet, then Nate Kern would love to help you get started with track time and classroom instruction at the beginning of the day with one-on-one opportunities available through-out the day.   Continue reading
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