2014 Events “What’s Happening” At Frontline Eurosports!

Nate KernThis Sunday, July 27th we will be joining Nate Kern at Roebling Road Raceway for a day of fun and instruction. Come join us !

With the recent purchase of a giant size Smoke Grill we will be hosting a monthly ride in “Pig Pick”  This will be available to all riders of all classes and an opportunity to showcase our dealership and offer demo rides on various bikes. Monthly dates will be noted beginning in August and will continue as long as weather permits. Monthly "Pig Pick" Ride

Loyal volunteers will be smoking the lucky or might I say unlucky pork candidate during the nightly hours prior to the Saturday event. One of our staff made the suggestion that we advertise: “Bring your Hog to our Hog event”

This being a great idea does point out that the events will be open to all riders. We are excited to be able to host this monthly event.

In other news, “Teach Oneal” will be returning to us in September. A date will be announced.

As always Frontline Eurosports is here for all your Eurosports needs and fun!  Contact us at 540-387-9780.

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