An Invitation to a Private Track Day with Nate Kern

Join us for this special private track day, December 10, 2012, with Nate Kern, BMW MOA Ambassador and racer extraordinaire.

Get one more track day in before the end of the world on 12.21.12!!
We have a opportunity for you guys who wanted to get a track day in during the colder season, or those who wanted to go to a great introductory track day with our Ambassador for BMW, Factory Racer Nate Kern, who is hosting another Private Track Day in Dec.  This is a fast, high speed sweeping track with only 9 turns and minimum elevation changes compared to VIR.  This is where I did my first track day with Frank Kensey back in 2005.  If you have been waiting and wanting to go to a great track and haven’t been to CornerSpeed with us yet, then Nate Kern would love to help you get started with track time and classroom instruction at the beginning of the day with one-on-one opportunities available through-out the day.  Nate Kern trained with Aaron Stevenson during his career and has some excellent input to make safer, as well as, faster…and faster…. and faster…yeehaw!!!   :mrgreen:
Please contact Nate Jennings soon so we can start to arranging safety gear and bike preparation, payments, transportation, rooms, as we will be leaving on Sunday and returning Monday night.
Who: Frontline Eurosports is teaming up with Nate Kern to invite all track day enthusiasts and future enthusiasts
What: One Day track day with Nate Kern
Why: Operation Seeking Sunshine, Track Day practice and great intro to those without Certs.
When: Dec. 10th 2012 (be gone 12.09.12-12.10.12)
Where: Roebling Road Raceway, Savannah GA
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