Nate’s Bike Review Triumph Thunderbird 1600

I have always spent 90% of my time on the Triumph Thunderbird Storm 1700, the Thunderbird’s bigger brother, due to availability of a demo, but this weekend  I got myself to take a Triumph Thunderbird 1600cc home and absolutely loved it!  Despite the difference in power the bike just brought back all the memories of being able to ride a cruiser like a sport bike which I haven’t been able to do as I have been accustomed to riding all the used Japanese trade-ins.
Buy from Frontline EurosportsGetting back to my Triumph roots threw a huge smile on my face as soon as I started out of the parking lot, the ease of steering and the responsive throttle and brakes make big impact on me.  But when my smile
truly reached ear to ear was when I hit the bottom of Bent Mountain and started to have the sensation of great communication with the bike, what I mean by that is hitting turns hard but never feeling like I have to second guess what stage the bike is in, I truly felt the front end and could talk to the tire I had firmly planted on the road.  This makes the bike so predictable and allows you to prepare yourself for whatever situation you encounter.  The bike has a nice, casual, rider stance for the typical rider allowing this motorcycle to be transitioned quickly from a stripped down bar hopper to hit the town on, to the cross-country touring comfort level you demand for those thousand mile trips.
Come on in and and ask for Nate and let’s talk about the baddest cruiser on the planet right now……
Buy From Frontline Eurosports

Triumph is throwing out some huge deals with the Thunderbirds this month…..

  • $1,500 in free accessories and apparel with the purchase of a 2011 or prior model Thunderbird
  • $700 in free accessories and apparel with the purchase of a 2012 model Thunderbird
Get it at Frontline EurosportsTriumph is also helping us out on the Speed Triples currently in stock at Frontline Eurosports with $1,000 in free accessories and apparrel with the purchase of a 2011 or prior Speed Triple!!
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