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One of our recent Triumph Bonneville T-100 customers shares about the great accessories he has added…

“The bike is great. As you know I have a larger touring BMW so this is my daily commuter. The bag is outstanding. You can see it here mounted and a look inside. The picture does not do it justice as the bottom compartment is as big as the top one, so plenty of room for a laptop and papers. The bag is beautifully made and nicely lined on the inside. I use it as by briefcase even on days when I don’t take the bike. It comes with a rain cover. I have only one on the left side which makes sense as I don’t need two briefcases. If I were riding long distances I would have gotten the regular pair of side bags, but for my needs this is perfect. I did by a Nelson Riggs bag to fit behind me on the seat to hold my rain-gear some basic necessities like a helmet lock and the occasional dozen eggs or half gallon of milk. I added a set of Skene P3 brake and turn signal lights. I have them on my BMW and they are great. The rear light on the T100 is not great and I am a little paranoid about being rear ended so I want to be seen. They are easy to install and can all be done under the seat. No need to remove the rear light. Lastly I added a remote sensor thermometer and a Formotion clock.”   –   Anonymous Triumph Customer

Another happy Bonneville 900 Customer shares the love…

“I am the proud owner of a 2012 Triumph Bonneville 900, my “Black Bonne.” It’s my fourth motorcycle and by far the most comfortable and beautiful that I’ve ever owned. This bike was meant for me! It is a smooth, powerful ride. I have always ridden 650′s and was a little intimidated to move up in displacement, but the 900 is perfect. It gives me the control and weight I need to maneuver through traffic and navigate curves, but also gives me the power I need to feel comfortable on the Interstate. I love this bike!”  -  Anonymous Triumph Customer


Thank you guys for the great feedback and glad to hear you are enjoying the motorcycle industry on the Triumph Brand Motorcycles we offer at Frontline Eurosports and you guys don’t know how much of an impact you play with your motorcycle community!!

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