Frontline Eurosports Sunday Ride and N8!

Sunday Ride: Saturday Ride and N8! Kern Track DayTrip Frontline Eurosports Sunday Ride Now that is winter and fewer and fewer people are riding, we need to keep our two wheeled legs on and either train in warmer areas or at least keep our mind sharp with what’s new in the world of motorcycles and motorcycles protection and accessories. The DC IMS show this past weekend was a great opportunity to view the new motorcycles that we might not have in our inventory yet, but will, as well as, accessories, and products, to include safety gear.  So make plans to visit the show this weekend or you can always come by or call us for the What’s Hot and New in the motorcycle industry!!!  And don’t worry, Sunday Rides will be back soon and with more structure and longer destination style rides that will guarantee you an opportunity to plan in advance and know exactly who will be participating in the ride with you…can’t wait to get back out and ride with our friends again!!! Stop by our store for details or contact us at 540-387-9780. ***Don’t forget that we are doing dual sport and adventure touring riding events the first Sunday of every month.  Let’s get those GS and Tiger machines dirty!!!!!!!****

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