Frontline Pilots Tackle CornerSpin

Frontline Graduates from CornerSpinAnother successful CornerSpin with Aaron Stevenson and his top notch crew in Spencer N.C. We ended up having eight friends from Frontline join us once we got down there, even though we only had five initially signed up and traveling down together, we discovered Paul (Tiger 800XC Cust.) had signed up and brought two of his friends, Garrett and Matt.

The weather was perfect, the dining was exquisite, and the training and riding was just…well…you had to be there. As always we had multiple requests to sign up for the next class after immediately leaving the lot, with the mentions of “one of the best times ever on two wheels” being thrown around between the newly founded “pilots”!! We had a very experienced crew show up to beat our bodies into shape and ensure we are absorbing all the information that our Chief Instructor was relaying to us, which is a lot of information, but with the constant and immediate practical application of the previously discussed “tools” were put to use inducing smiles and loud giggles from the helmets of all the students. Nothing better than hearing somebody hit a corner just right and just laughing through his helmet as he passes you on the inside for the first time, perfecting his technique. We had riders who came into the situation wanting to be more confident on their motorcycles on the street, the track, and on their dual sport machines, and as they learned not to fear the lack of traction that can occur, they learned to confidently manipulate their bodies and machine and turn it from a turn that they would usually park their bike in, into them pushing the front end and spinning up the rear to quickly turn the motorcycle through the turn with a lot more “CornerSpeed” then ever imagined.

I had time to sit out a few laps and snap tons of photos of our pilots taking advantage of the expert training offered in this two day course. I have our sponsored racer, Sloan, pushing the XR100 to the max and really testing the limits of traction, amazing!! I have Aaron showing off his spectacular riding skills around Lars as he was demonstrating maximum braking. Jason demonstrating excellent body positioning around some intense off camber turns. Last but not least, Paul and instructor J. Ray, going over “not a jump” with a last minute reminder…”Elbows”.   Here are a few photos of our CornerSpin experience but check out this link to view more photos of us enjoying CornerSpin.   Feb. CornerSpin Sign-Up: Nate J.

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