How To Decide On A New Motorcycle

First time motorcycle buyers often make regretful mistakes when purchasing their first motorcycle. So we encourage you to think twice be you do an impulsive buy whether you just finished your motorcycle training, finally fulfilling a life dream/desire or just want to reward yourself.

Whatever the reason, the decision to purchase a new motorcycle brings with it tremendous emotions and anticipation. Advice as to horse power, size, color, performance qualities are crucial to making the right decision, unfortunately that’s not the case as one often gets poor advice from a glossy magazine article or from a greedy salesperson.

The guiding rules that we use when working with a potential new buyer of is motorcycle are very simple.

  • First, and most difficult is to determine why the customer is buying a motorcycle. Often times the customer only knows that they desire one. At this point, it is our job to carefully determine how the customer plans to use the bike.
  • Second, it is a matter of establishing the customer’s budget. Moving ahead, choices begin to narrow.
  • Third, determining the class of motorcycle desired. We sell four distinct classes of motorcycles: Traditional, Sport, Cruiser and Dual Sport/Adventure
  • Fourth, determining the seat height, ride position, color, type of present or future accessories to add, all come into the equation.
  • Lastly, unless the buyer is definite as to choices at this point we make two recommendations. First, we encourage test rides. Second if confused, wait. Do not force a decision. Oddly enough, in more times, and more cases, we encourage new riders, and first time buyers to shop local classifieds or Craig’s list and find a bike similar to what they feel that they want and spend as little as possible.

Motorcycling is a very personal, fun,  and fulfilling way of life. So enjoy the ride by making sure it’s the right ride for you!

We sell new and used motorcycles, but more than that, we seek to develop ongoing relationships with our customers. So before you buy make sure you stop by and contact one of our Frontline Eurosports qualified team members who will ask you the right questions so you can get the right bike for you!

Fun Fact: In many cases, most of the purchase price of a used, good condition bike  can be recovered if traded in an early future date on a new motorcycle. In fact, we will evaluate the potential purchase, and give the buyer and idea what they could expect if traded on a new bike.

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