Motorcycle Track Gear for Speed and Safety

AGVSport and Vemar have supplied me with some of the most spectacular track gear that I have had the pleasure of wearing while participating in high speed, high risk events. First and foremost I would like to send a special thank you out to Paris Tato and the Staff at MotoNation who helped me acquire my Custom One-Piece Kangaroo leather suit with matching Kangaroo gloves and a Carbon Fiber Eclipse Vemar helmet.

AGVSport and Vemar Gear

Let’s talk about fit, well it’s custom fit so it will be guaranteed to fit like a glove, no pun intended, which prevents the wind from catching those extra bits of leather that off the shelf suits often have, decreasing wind noise and the shuttering feeling you have from extra leather flapping in the wind at 150 mph. I wore my suit all day at the Mid-Atlantic Ducati Track Days and never once took it off and didn’t even have the desire to unzip the suit to allow for better breathing as the¬†perforation¬†on the thinner leather, .8mm opposed to 1.2-1.4 mm thick, allowed for excellent breath ability and a super light-weight feel. The suit came with plenty of compliments as no one had ever seen one before, mostly because it’s 100% custom, you pick the materials, the colors, the patterns, the logos and custom stitching, it’s all about you and no one will ever have the same suit again!!!

The Vemar helmet was so light and comfortable that I think I got a few seconds off my lap time it’s so freakin’ light. I had great vision through the visor without the feeling of restricted peripheral vision or a tight porthole that wouldn’t allow for good vision in high speed tuck situations I find myself in with the RS125. Great helmet with a great comfort and fortunately I haven’t had to test the anti-fog on the screen but if it is as quality a product as the rest of the helmet then we have an superb over all package from a wonderful Motorcycle Apparel Company “MotoNation”!!!!

For more information Contact Van at our Parts Dept. (540) 387-9780.

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