Nate’s Bike Review: K1300S Review / 2015 BMW K1300S is Back!!

BMW K1300SThe infamous BMW K1300S. We recently traded a loaded Premium model K1300S in and I had the chance to play with her a bit and get some road time on this model which I don’t get to do often.

The K1300S is a wonderful to ride as the first thing you notice is the comfortable seat and yes the huge power the in-line four cylinder pumps out. When you are looking at a sport touring machine you have to take in two characteristics, obviously, sport capability and comfort for touring situations and the K1300S guarantees you with 160+ bhp, shaft drive and duo lever front suspension, and BMW ergonomics.

The saddle is extremely comfortable with lots of cushion for the long travels or even feels nice when taking that short commute down to Rider’s Night. We don’t even need to mention the power of the bike except that she likes to be ridden, it would be a happy bike, RPM to power delivery ratio, at higher speeds rather than the super slow speed stuff you find yourself in occasionally while in urban environments. That’ where the transmission feels clunkier, as these bike have such huge solid transmission gears that it will last forever but feel a bit chunky on low RPM short shifts.

Features on this amazing motorcycle are astounding: Switchable ABS (anti-lock brake system), Switchable ASC (Automatic Stability Control), ESA with Preload and dampening modes (3 preload setting and 3 dampening setting for each to give you nine options), heated grips for your comfort, board computer to stay in touch with the bike and your environment, Gear Shift Assist for those performance up shifts (no clutch necessary on up shifts), Steel braided brake and clutch lines as it has a hydraulic clutch, and can be outfitted with all the farkle we BMW nuts love to include a center stand and expandable luggage.

Come on down and feel out your own K1300S with us a Frontline Eurosports and also familiarize yourself with the new 2015 that BMW brought back from not offering it in 2014.

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