Nates Bike Review Zero Electric Motorcycle

Zero Motorcycles Review & FREE Bike Giveaway  

Frontline Eurosports is now proud to present the Zero Motorcycle line to the Roanoke Valley and beyond.  If you’re not familiar with the Santa Cruz, Ca. based company they have been providing research and development and now the sales of fully electric motorcycles.  Think about it, no more coolant, oil, oil filters, or gasoline……just plug your bike into you wall, standard 110V or 220V, when you are at home or at work and ride this 300 lb motorcycle back and forth for only a penny a mile!!!!

The bikes range in weight from 215 lbs on the off-road versions to 297-341 on the street and dual sport versions, and come with adjustable suspension front and rear along with hydraulic brakes and steel braided lines front and rear.  There are no emissions and no sound from this single gear torque monster.  The street models even offer a 100,000 mile carbon drive belt that is basically maintenance free and drives the traditional tires down the road or dirt, which brings us to the only noise this  motorcycle makes, no more sneaking out and drifting down the street before you start your loud internal combustion engine early in the morning or late at night, there is absolutely no noise but the road noise your tires create and the tiniest hint of the electric motor producing all that smooth power.  The power delivery is so accurate and smooth that I entered the DS model into a slow speed race and won with so much time to spare I had time to do stunts and finish out side saddle, no clutch to work, no gears to finagle with, and a true no-brainer when it comes to operate, just twist the throttle and go***********

We are currently doing a drawing for a FREE Zero Motorcycle at Frontline Eurosports so please stop by and check out the bikes while we help you enter to win!!!!!!  Enter our Bike Giveaway and you could be riding to work for free for the rest of your career and have them pay you to commute to work!!!!

Learn more about Zero Motorcycles at

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