Nate’s News LIV

Nate’s News LIV

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Sunday Ride – Sunday Road Ride
Nate’s Bike Review – Rally Report
Parts Dept./Service Dept. – Come In & Talk To Our Staff
Track Days – May 23rd Track Day Preparation
Upcoming Events – Annual Calendar
Inventory – 2016 Triumph Street Twins, T-120′s, and Thruxtons
Customer Corner – Hot New Units…”JUST IN!!”
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Sunday Ride: Sunday Adventure Rides of 2016

We had a great kick off to our Monthly Road Ride portion of the Sunday Ride, which is the third Sunday of every month, and look forward to many of the smiling faces to return for more fun in the summer sun next month. We started out with ten motorcycles and twelve participants, a couple of two up rides going on with Greg & Tina and Scotland & Aubrey, which didn’t slow them down any. The ride consisted of all European models with only one non-Frontline brand, Dave I’m calling you and your KTM out hahaha, which created a powerful statement as we snaked down the twisty landscape from one destination to the next. I rode a Multistrada S Touring, Ben a Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle, Jason a Ducati Monster 821, Mike rode his trusty ‘ol Diavel Carbon, Scotland & Aubrey mastered the S1000XR, Steve busted out another Multistrada, Alan showed us what’s up on the R1200GS, Greg & Tina learned all about the Telelever on their R1200RT which they impressed all of us on, Dave on his KTM 690 Duke, and Van swept the rear on his BMW K1200R. The ride took us up some of my favorites, but favorites that I haven’t ridden in over six months over the winter and break from those routes so we encountered some huge surprises for us and the machines. The calm slide up Bent Mountain got the blood runnin’ for most of the new Sunday Rider’s and then the gravely trip down Daniel’s Run where we saw holes that would swallow up any smaller of a machine then what we were on haha.

We did stop quite frequently to regroup and get the pilots in order of where they were comfortable in the line up with their new riding companions. We stopped at the Pilot Post Office for some great pics and then on up Christiansburg Pike to get to our destination of Tuggle’s Gap for some mountain carving and most anticipated Tuggle’s Gap lunch with our friends. We stopped to talk and do a little information gathering on who the heck we were riding with, one of my main goals on a Sunday Ride, get to know other friends and customers of Frontline Eurosports. After leaving the Gap we hit up some of the same roads we came in on to shorten the trip for a few that needed to head back to Roanoke and to really experience the road the way it deserved to be ridden as we had a problem with super slow Sunday morning commuters, who wanted to go 42 mph down a 55 mph country road, and who were too stubborn to pull over and let the ten motorcycles lined up behind them pass. It would only take a second and I guarantee you we won’t slow you down hahahahahaha. I did experience my ride in a way I never have, actually most of my recent rides have been this way, SLOW…super slow, due to traffic and doing my best to adhere to the laws of the land and not pass on the double yellow with a group of riders on the street. We just beg of you to respect our roads and all who are on it, let the guys going the speed limit at least do that. You’ll see us again next Sunday with a big smile on our faces and waving as we pass you, not that normal reaction of “oh dang it’s that slow boat in front of us for the next half hour again”.

The most recent Sunday Adventure Ride was held at the Rally, as well as, other road rides that I will report on below in the Rally Report.

Video Links to 4.17.16 Sunday Road Ride:

Sunday Ride Info.
Assemble: 8:40
Depart: 9:00
Rally Point: Frontline Eurosports 1003 Electric Rd. Salem, VA 24153

***Don’t forget that we are doing dual sport and adventure touring riding events the first Sunday of every month, Street Rides the third Sunday of every month. Let’s get those GS and Tiger machines dirty!!!!!!!****

Nate’s Bike Review: RALLY REPORT

The Inaugural Frontline Eurosports, Mountain Spring Rally was a big success, I mean huge, from the response we have gotten back from all the customers. We even had our BMW Rep. give us a big shout out for our venue after just attending another, “more established”, BMW dealer rally the weekend prior. Chip, Hugh, and Lindsay, put lots of hours into picking out a location, orchestrating the event, and even preparation upon arrival and they couldn’t have done a better job. Mountain Lake was beautiful, the food was great, the rides were organized, and the support classes and seminars were entertaining. Please tell them what a great job they did when you see them during your next visit to Frontline Eurosports, they deserve it. We are already planning out our Rally for next year, same place…same time…more people!!! We cannot give away everything that we do at the Rally for our customers, that’s for the attendees to share with you or for you to experience yourself next year, but I will let a little leak out that there will be more female related activities next year for the wives who are not riding and doing more socializing and relaxing on top of that awesome mountain. We want to thank each and every one of you who committed to our first rally which really made it as successful as it was. If it wasn’t for you, then we wouldn’t be having such great feedback and persistence to pursue another one as soon as possible. Sign up will be available by next month’s newsletter.

Inside joke for the attendees….”Don’t forget to ride your buffalo in next year’s event!!”

Link to video of the fun we had:

Video 1

Video 2


Parts Specials:

Hi, all!

Van, here!

Thought we’d take the opportunity to show off a bit of “Crisis Elimination” for our customers!
As we’re all aware, having only Two Wheels, rather than Four, one nail, screw, piece of blown tire, etc, can bring a beautiful motorcycle ride to a screaming, unexpected halt, so I have sought out and found a Tire Patch Kit. Not just ANY Tire Patch Kit, but THE Tire Patch Kit, designed specifically with Frontline Eurosports’ Customers in mind.

Most of our customers are riding on Tubeless Wheels. Those who aren’t will, unfortunately, NOT be able to take advantage of this kit the same way, but you still might find pieces of it useful.

The kit consists of five pieces. The first of which is the Plug Kit. It’s from a company called Dynaplug. They keep three different kits, and the one we keep In-Stock is, as everyone suspects, the most expensive. Of course, I have a reason: It carries the most convenient tools! The other kits offer some help, but some of the conveniences are missing. I know how y’all like to do Research, so I’ll let y’all check them out. What’s important about this particular brand is that the Tire Plug is considered a Permanent Patch – Plug your tire, and continue to ride the life of it!

Never before has something like this been offered to our industry!

The next piece is a Mini Air Compressor from Stop & Go, which is able to fill a front tire in a little under two minutes! It comes with gator clips to go to your battery, as well as a 12V adapter to plug into a cigarette lighter. What makes it really Trick is the Battery Tender lead it plugs into! That allows our riders to plug it right in, very conveniently, to the Lead that’s already on most customers’ motorcycles! It even has a Flashlight incorporated in case we have to fix a flat in the dark!

So, looking at the accompanying pictures, you’ll see a Battery Tender Brand battery lead which goes right back to the Battery, standing by for use in your garage. BUT, don’t let that thing go to waste: Use it to power the USB Port you can see in those same pictures, and charge your cell phone, iPod, tablet, or even the Communications System or Camera attached to your helmet!

Of course, the Compressor is equipped with an Air Gauge, but you’ll notice one in my pictures, from BMW. I’ve included it because it’s VERY Accurate, as well as easy to use: It has an Angled Stem on it, so we can reach the Rear Valve Stem without being part Contortionist!

Each piece is relatively inexpensive on it’s own:

Dynaplug Kit: $59.99

Mini Air Compressor: $36.95

Battery Tender Brand Lead: $8.95

Battery Tender Brand USB Port: $11.95

BMW Accutire Digital Tire Pressure Gauge: $25.50

The kit totals out at $143.34.

I know that sounds like a fairly large chunka change, but I’ve already spent this money, figuring it’s a small price to pay to keep me from being trapped on the side of a twisty road by myself in the dark…Helpless.
I’d also like to mention that the case that comes with the Compressor is conveniently sized to carry a good portion of all these accessories, and it’s small enough to fit into a pocket on most Adventure Jackets!

We keep every piece of this kit In-Stock! C’mon by and check it out!
Hope to see you on the road!
- Van -

Contact our Parts Dept. or Service Dept. for more information @ (540) 387-9780.

Track Days: P.R.E. 2016 Schedule

The dates are official for our first P.R.E. track day so start signing up or let me know that you have interest in going so we can coordinate trip plans for this kick off to a new track day season!!

May 23rd – VIR North Course with PRE

Nate J., Ben N., Jeff C.,
John T., Guillermo G.,
Johnn F., Ron T., Scotland L.

June 19th – VIR South Course with PRE

August 15th – VIR Full Course with PRE
Joe Spivey – +2 friends
Jason Price

Links to our last track day fun:

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Check out the link below and check out the next opportunity for you to ride with Frontline Eurosports and Performance Riding Experience:

“See you at the Track”

Upcoming Events:

5.1.16 = Sunday Adventure Ride

6.5.16 = Sunday Adventure Ride

6.19.16 = Track Day with PRE VIR South Course

7.3.16 = Sunday Adventure Ride (Tenative)

8.7.16 = Sunday Adventure Ride

8.15.16 = Track Day with PRE VIR Full Course

9.4.16 = Sunday Adventure Ride

10.2.16 = Sunday Adventure Ride



New Units in Inventory:
2016 BMW RnineT in Aluminum finish with Weld

2016 BMW R1200R Prem. in Blue “Beautiful”

2016 BMW R1200RS in Blue/White also Grey

2016 BMW F800R NEW model in White

2016 BMW F800GT in Blue

2016 BMW F800GS Prem. in Blue

2016 BMW F800GSA White

2016 BMW R1200GS Prem. in Red

2016 BMW R1200GSA Prem. in RED, or WHITE, or BLUE

2016 BMW R1200RT in Bronze

2016 BMW S1000XR Premium White & Granite

2016 BMW S1000XR Premium in Red DEMO SAVE BIG

2016 BMW S1000RR Prem. In Black& Red SEXY

2016 BMW S1000RR Prem. In Motorsport Colors

2016 BMW S1000R Prem. in Black

2016 Ducati Monster 1200 “R” You’ve been waiting

2016 Ducati Hypermotard SP Super Sexy

2016 Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle

2016 Duati Scrambler Urban Enduro

2016 Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring in White

2016 Ducati Monster 1200 S in White

2016 Ducati Monster 821 Stripe

2016 Ducati Panigale 1299 S in Red

2016 Ducati Panigale 1299 in Red

2016 Ducati Panigale 959 in Red

2015 Ducati Street Fighter 848 !!SALE!! Last year available

2015 Ducati Multistrada 1200S Touring in Red

2015 Ducati HyperMotard Black

2016 Triumph Street Triple RX in Black “NEW”

2016 Triumph Street Twin in Red

2016 Triumph Bonneville T-120 Black & Black/White

2016 Triumph Speed Triple R in White

2016 Triumph Street Triple R in Matte Graphite

2016 Triumph America LT in Blue and Black

2016 Triumph America in Black

2016 Triumph Tiger 800 XCA in M. Green

2016 Triumph Tiger 800 XCX in White

2016 Triumph Tiger 800 XRX !!LOW!! in Blue

2016 Triumph Bonneville T-100 Gold/White

2015 Triumph Trophy SE in Black

2015 Truimph Rocket III Roadster in Blk with Red Racing Stripes

2015 Triumph Thunderbird LT in Red and Black

2015 Triumph Street Triple R in Matte Black

2015 Triumph Street Triple R in White

2015 Triumph Daytona 675R Matte Black

2014 Triumph Thruxton in Green !!SALE!!

Many more we didn’t have room to list……

New Used Units in Inventory:

2015 BMW F800R in Blue $8,499

2014 BMW K1600GTL Exclusive $22,500

2012 BMW K1600GT in Red Prem $16,999

2013 BMW F800GT Prem. White with Panniers $9,499

2010 BMW R1200RT Prem in Grey $10,999

2003 BMW R1150RS in Blue Cleanest Ever Seen $5,395

2002 BMW R1150RT in Silver with Sergeant Seat Fully Serviced $4,499

2013 Ducati Hyperstrada with only 2K miles $9,499

2012 Ducati 848 EVO in Red $8,999

2001 Ducati 900 SS in Yellow $4,500

2013 Triumph Speed Triple R in Black with Rizoma goodies $10,999

2013 Triumph Speed Triple in Yellow with lots of goodies $9,499

2010 Triumph Bonneville SE in Blue/White $5,499

2009 Kawasaki KLR650 in Black with all acc.’s from Kawa $4,999

2005 Honda ST1300 in Red SUPER CLEAN!!!! $5,999

2004 Suzuki Hayabusa Limited in Red $5,499

Also, check our Frontline Eurosports website with huge used inventory and contact Nate for information,

Sold High Priority Units

2016 BMW S1000XR Prem. in Red SOLD

2016 BMW S1000XR Prem. in Red

2016 BMW RnineT in Aluminum finish SOLD

2016 BMW R1200RT Prem. in Blue SOLD

2016 BMW F800GSA Green SOLD

2016 BMW F800R in Black & White SOLD

2015 BMW R1200RT Prem. All Blue SOLD

2015 BMW F800GS in Red SOLD

2014 BMW R1200GSA Prem in Green SOLD

2009 BMW F800ST in Blue with Panniers SOLD

2016 Ducati Scrambler Icon in Red SOLD

2016 Triumph Street Twin in Silver SOLD

2016 Triumph Street Twin in M. Black SOLD

2015 Triumph Bonneville T-100 Black SOLD

2014 Triumph Tiger Explorer 1215 in Blue SOLD

2012 Triumph Daytona 675 in Black SOLD

2015 Honda CB300F in Red SOLD

2009 Kawasaki Versys in blue SOLD

And many more not listed…………………

@ Frontline Eurosports

**If you see a unit online you are interested in but can’t get to the store for a while you can always put a deposit on the bike over the phone to ensure the bike will be there for you when you are ready***

BMW Incentives:






Triumph Incentives:
Tiger Explorers (All Models):

2014< = $2,000 OFF -or- 0% APR

2015 = $1,500 OFF -or- 1.99% APR

Thunderbirds (All Models):

2015< = $1,500 OFF -or- 1.99% APR

Rocket III Touring:

2015< = $1,500 OFF -or- 1.99% APR

Trophy SE:

2015< = $1,500 OFF -or- 1.99% APR

Speed Triple & Speed Triple R:

2015< = $1,500 OFF -or- 1.99% APR

Ducati Incentives:

In Stock!!!:

2015 Ducati Hypermotard Stealth = $1,000 OFF 2015 Ducati Street Fighter 848 = $500 OFF

Customer Corner:


16 Ducati Monster 1200 “R”       16 Triumph Bonneville T-120    16 Triumph Street Twin

YouTube Channel:

I have been keeping my videos rolling for 2016 and hope to direct more and more of you to the YouTube Channel to ensure you are keeping up with all the exciting new developments, models, and weekend fun you could be part of.


Nate’s News Frontline YouTube Channel

Frontline Eurosports Facebook -


Nate Jennings

Sales Leader –

Frontline Eurosports(540) 387-9780

1003 Electric Road

Salem, VA. 24153


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