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Sunday Ride: Sunday Ride & Sunday Adventure Ride

This Sunday Ride Report includes two rides, the first was a great Road Ride with lots of participants, we had a variety of machines, half adventure or sport touring and the other half sport bikes.  The sport guys, the ones who came in and saw us on adventure bikes and said, I want to go fast…..well we did…and where did you guys go?  You let a little guy on a GSA with a passenger and the old man on the lowered RT kick your butt on my creek tour, hahahaha.  Love the capability of these BMW motorcycles in any condition.  It started to rain on us a third of the way into the ride and it didn’t slow down the BMW’s and other adventure bikes but put the scare into the sport bike riders in a more committed riding position.  We had a lot of fun and got to experience some new roads that I have never taken any Sunday Ride before…besides the rain, gravel, and the SLOW traffic that wouldn’t let a large group of happy go lucky motorcyclists by as they cruise 20 under the speed limit, they loved the new route!!
The Sunday Adventure Ride was with all first time Sunday Riders, we got Hank, R1200GS, to skip his TVR breakfast to participate in a Frontline Event and Scott, F800GS, surprised us with all of his knowledge of the backroads that I took them on. It was fun with only 3 pilots as we could keep whatever pace we wanted…fast or chill…and allowing for more stopping opportunities for pics and video for the ride video I made. I took the 2017 Triumph Tiger Explorer 1215 XCX and what a fantastic machine, you can read my Bike Review below for the full overview of this all new motorcycle in my opinion. The Sunday Adventure Ride was us getting to hit Tub Run, Red Bush Rd. and Broad Run. Next time we are going towards Floyd for some new adventures and scope out some roads between here and there that I have always enjoyed.


Sunday Adventure Ride Video:
Sunday Road Ride Video


Sunday Ride Info:
Frontline Eurosports Sunday Ride


Nate’s Bike Review: 2017 Triumph Tiger Explorer 1215 XCX
I am so excited to do this review for you. Triumph just hit the nail on the head with the NEW 2017 Triumph Tiger Explorer 1215 XC line.  I am doing the review on the XCX model which is the middle of the line. There is an XC base model, XCX equipped with some Xtra’s haha, and the XCA model that is outfitted with most of the accessories out of the Triumph Catalog.  Not all of this review will be just raves and applauding the good stuff, you know Nate the Nitpicker will always find something that could be improved, but not much on this bad boy…..So let’s get started.
The 2017 Explorer XCX  review is from time in an urban environment, straight road cruisin’, and mild to intermediate off-road terrain.  We start in the city where we can feel the massive, smooth, torque that carries us from a stop or slow speed traffic negotiating with the greatest of ease. As the power builds into HP you can start to appreciate the deeper tone of the exhaust giving you a sensation of power and presence on the road, as you reach the top of the RPM range and reach for each gear and switch from 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd, you will be truly impressed with how smooth the transmission is, it is soooo BUTTTTEERRRR.  So butter, man that was the first thing I really noticed about this bike and wanted to put emphasis on.  The weight feels higher than the GS but it is still athletic as all get out and think the GS would have a handful with one of these Tiger’s chasing her down.  She may even surpass the GS if you are the kind of pilot who likes to communicate with the bike more.  With the new WP TSAS suspension you get back that communication and can really talk to the front end.  That leads me to the adjustability of the suspension, it is easy to adjust in the more user friendly menu selection.  You can also adjust the damping on the fly, which is very noticeable as it should be.  The machine was compliant and impressive up the sides of the curvy mountains I was exploring and even more impressive off-road, soaking up all the imperfections and allowing you to concentrate on where to throw the weight on the more top heavy machine, in contrast to what we might usually be riding in that situation.  The only complaint I have about the suspension is that you can hear it work while you are compressing and decompressing the forks on and off the brakes and gas and while negotiating larger pot holes and bumps.  Note to self…if it bothers you, wear the ear plugs you own Nate!!
The mode selection is great and makes changes to the machine that will keep your butt safe for whatever situation you find yourself in, if you have the modes set up properly.  They are getting closer to what kind of manipulation Ducati has with their ride modes and better than BMW which is pre-set and cannot be modified. Actually, with some of the crazy customers I sell motorcycles to, no manipulation is probably a good thing, can’t mess it up hahaha.  I was unable to change the modes on the fly which would’ve been a lot more satisfying, but I understand that is most likely due to the fact you can have many different aspects of the motorcycle changing all at once.  The off road mode is very playful and lets you work that rear end around a lot more…Pure bliss on this powerful beast.
Brakes are phenomenal and with steel braided lines all the way around and the light easy to operate clutch lever you prevent premature hand fatigue. Which you will need as you will spend a lot of time waving to all the pretty people giving you the double take on this super sexy machine, which draws the eyes of every passerby with its distinctive lines and aggressive growl.  Another benefit that will keep you comfortable is the cruise control, what a blessing, that is the biggest nitpick I have though, it is easier to activate now without have to turn on the cruise with a separate button, but it’s still on the throttle side which creates a bit of a reach and inconsistent throttle response when attempting to double tap the set button to activate and set your speed.  It does have one super trick menu display, the last speed you set it to stays on your screen so you know what your resume is going to take you to, really creative info.  There is also the big unveiling of the first adventure bike with an electronically controlled windscreen, and it is a little thought process to access in the menu as you have to activate the menu to use the Info button for raise or lower the screen.  Creature comfort that is nice, but not absolutely necessary.
So, overall the machine performed superbly on the streets and off-road, confident enough for me to zip ahead of the group and stop to take pics and video of the rest of the riders and then jump back on, catch up and pass them to start leading again.  That is confidence inspiring.  Despite my short legs holding me back from a little more urban comfort this machine will be a great all around bike, the “Swiss Army Knife” of motorcycles like we have always called our GS line.  We have a demo here in stock so come on down and experience this bike yourself, I have already seen the number of Tiger sales increasing since its debut.



Nate’s Parts/Service Dept. Section: 

Summer Apparel Salesummer apparel sale
That’s right, Winter Prices in the Summer Season…when you need the gear!!!
What you might not know is that we have the best tire prices in the region with no haggling. Also, professional installation available in our service dept.


Contact our Parts Dept. or Service Dept. for more information @(540) 387-9780.


Track Days: P.R.E. 10.2.16 CMP

Our next track day experience we will have to travel a bit farther but get the luxury of trying a new track, Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw South Carolina.  Variety is the spice of life and Frontline is here to spice it up for you!!!!  Start contacting me to sign up or click the link below to navigate yourself to the PRE website for further instruction on how to become part of our track day addicts family
Currently Attending:
Nate J.
Jeff C.


Check out the link below and check out the next opportunity for you to ride with Frontline Eurosports and Performance Riding Experience:
                              ”See you at the Track”

Upcoming Events:
  • 9.24.16 = Ducati Demo Tent Sale
  • 9.25.16 = Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride
  • 10.2.16 = Sunday Adventure Ride
  • 10.2.16 = CMP track day with PRE





New Units in Inventory:
2016 BMW R1200R Prem. in Blue
2016 BMW R1200RS Prem. in Blue & White or Granite & Blk
2016 BMW G650GS Black Spoke Wheel Model
2016 BMW R1200GS Prem. Triple Black
2016 BMW R1200GSA Prem. in   RED
2016 BMW R1200RT in Bronze (Demo) or Blue/Grey
2016 BMW S1000XR Base Model in White
2016 BMW S1000XR Premium in Red, White, or Granite Graphics
2016 BMW S1000RR Prem. In Black & Red or ALL BLACK
2016 BMW F800GT Prem. In Blue
2016 BMW RnineT Aluminum, Weld
2016 BMW K1600GTL Prem. In Black
2016 BMW K1600GT Prem. In White



2016 Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 First 400cc we’ve received
2016 Ducati Scrambler Icon in Yellow or in Red
2016 Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle NEW -or- “Demo Sale”
2016 Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro
2016 Ducati Hypermotard 939 Beautiful and Fun
2016 Ducati Hyperstrada LOW in Red DEMO SALE
2016 Ducati Monster 1200 “R” !!WE HAVE ONE!!
2016 Ducati Monster 1200 S in White “Demo Sale”
2016 Ducati Diavel XDiavel in M. Black
2016 Ducati XDiavel S in Matte Black
2016 Ducati Panigale 959 in Red or White
2016 Ducati Panigale 1299
2016 Ducati Panigale 1299S
2016 Ducati Multistrada Enduro in Grey or White
2016 Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring in White “Demo Sale”
2015 Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring in Red “Demo Sale”


2015 Ducati Street Fighter 848 !!SALE!!
2017 Triumph Tiger Explorer XCX 1215 in Blue 
2017 Triumph Bonneville T-120 Black in Matte Grey
2016 Triumph Bonneville T-120 Black/White
2016 Triumph Thruxton 1200 “R” in Red or in Silver
2016 Triumph Thruxton 1200 in Green or in White with Cowl
2016 Triumph Street Triple RX in Black
2016 Triumph Tiger800 XCA in M. Green
2016 Triumph Tiger800 XR in Black or White
2016 Triumph Bonneville T-100 Gold/White or in Black
2016 Truimph Rocket III Roadster in Blk with Red Stripes
2015 Truimph Rocket III Roadster in Blk with Red Stripes
2015 Triumph Thunderbird LT in Red/Black
2015 Triumph Bonneville T-100 Black “Last 2015″
2015 Triumph Street Triple R in White
2015 Triumph Daytona 675R Matte Black
2015 Triumph Daytona 675 in Red Super Savings
2015 Triumph Street Triple R in White Super Savings
Many more we didn’t have room to list……
New Used Units in Inventory:
2014 BMW G650GS in Black $6,499
2012 BMW K1600GT in Red Prem $16,999
2010 BMW R1200RT in Grey $10,499
2002 BMW R1100S in Silver $4,999
1993 BMW K1100LT in White TBD
2015 Ducati Multistrada S Touring in White with Luggage $17,499
2015 Ducati Diavel “Carbon” Red Super Mean $16,499
2015 Ducati Diavel Stealth Black with Body Protection $15,499
2011 Ducati Multistrada S Sport in Red with Panniers only 6K miles $12,499
2008 Ducati Hypermotard 1100 in Red with lots of goodies $6,999
2007 Ducati Monster 695 in Black $4,999
2014 Triumph Tiger Explorer 1215 in Blue $12,999
2013 Triumph Speed Triple SE in Matte Grey with Arrow $9,999
2013 Triumph Thruxton 900 in Green with British Customs all over TBD
2013 Triumph Thunderbird 1600 Blue & Blk $9,999
2015 Yamaha TW200 in Silver 2,600 miles $3,749
2009 Kawasaki KLR650 in Black Loaded with Luggage $4,249




Also, check our Frontline Eurosports website with huge used inventory and contact Nate for information,
Sold High Priority Units
2016 BMW R1200GSA Prem. in White/Red SOLD
2016 BMW K1600GTL Prem. Black SOLD / OUT
2016 BMW G650GS Black SOLD
2015 BMW F800R in Blue SOLD
2014 BMW R1200GSA Prem. In M. Grn SOLD
2004 BMW R1200C Black SOLD
2016 Ducati Scrambler Italia Independent SOLD
2017 Triumph Street Twin 1st one Deposited by Karen C.
2017 Triumph Tiger 1215 XRT SOLD
2016 Triumph Bonneville T-120 Black SOLD
2015 Triumph Street Triple R M. Blk and White SOLD
2015 Triumph Speedmaster Matte Black SOLD
2013 Triumph Tiger 800 w/ Top Box, Screen, Heated Grips SOLD
2015 KTM Super Duke 1290 R SOLD


Video link to another happy customer…thanks Pete: 



And many more not listed…………………




**If you see a unit online you are interested in but can’t get to the store for a while you can always put a deposit on the bike over the phone to ensure the bike will be there for you when you are ready***


BMW Incentives:

Here are the current BMW Incentives on 2015 and 2016 model motorcycles. 
BMW IncentivesWe keep a full inventory in stock and if we don’t have what you need then we will find a way to get it special ordered for you.  Keep in consideration the fact that if we order a unit it might not get put into our inventory and possession to sell until after the end of the month so BMW Incentives can change.BMW Incentive Frontline Eurosports



This incentive applies to Brand New 2016, as well  as, 2015 and Prior models, with different terms.  You can choose to take the Voucher Incentive or the APR incentive.
NOTE: 2016 and Prior Americas and Speedmasters are $1,000 OFF
’15/Prior Thunderbirds take an additional $1,000 OFF
’15/Prior take an additional $500 OFF any other unit!!

We have a lot of great deals on our Ducati models!!!
Don’t forget to ask about our DEMO units!!!
Like the sound of 0% APR
Contact us for details…..



Customer Corner: 
CornerSpin Sign-Up 
So Far I have about three interested parties besides myself of getting a CornerSpin in this winter.  I haven’t had any solidification of date for the last request due to finding the participants to attend.  I am now going to announce a date and start to communicate with AA Stevenson about securing spots for ourselves.
October 8th-9th
Current participants:
Nate Jennings
Sloan West






2015 F800GT Prem. White F88119 = $12,540
2016 R1200RS Prem. in White/Blue 378709 = CALL
2016 R1200RT Prem. in Bronze 193802 = CALL
2016 R1200GS Prem. In Red 670848 = CALL
2015 Multistrada S Touring in Red 001823 = $18,999
2016 Multistrada S Touring in White 008412 = $18,999
2016 Multistrada Enduro in Grey 012128 = $20,999
2016 Scrambler Full Throttle 007948 = $9,749
2016 Hyperstrada Low in Red 012980 = $12,495
2016 Monster 821 Striple 020198 = $11,395
2016 Monster 1200S in White 021624 = $14,999
2016 Thruxton 1200 Comp. Green 756504 = CALL
2017 Tiger Explorer XCX in Blue 764382 = CALL


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