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-Sunday Ride – 1st Sunday Adventure Ride
-Nate’s Bike Review – 2018 Triumph Tiger 800/1200, 2018 Bobber Black & Speedmaster ’19 Triumph Speed Triple RS
-Track Days – Excited Pilotos already signing up for April 2nd 2018 with PRE @ VIR N
-Upcoming Events – Open House 3.17.18 & High Pass Boogie 5.11-13.18
-Inventory – 2018 Ducati V4s coming for Mr. Jones!!!!!!!!
-Current Factory Incentives – Check out these opportunities
- Parts Dept. – Tire Sale & Helmet Sale
-Customer Corner –  Units going to auction so catch a steal of a deal before the truck comes
-Quick Links          

Sunday Ride: 1st Sunday Adventure Ride of 2018

The 1st Sunday Adventure Ride was a blast, even though there was only 3 of us braving the 30 degree temperatures and crushing through the water puddles that were actually ice puddles hahaha.  We had Scott on his trusty ‘ol F800GS outfitted with plenty of protection and TKC80’s and I followed him on a F800GSA bone stock except factory options on the premium model and a set of TKC80’s as well.  We picked up his friend in New Castle who sported a sexy DRZ400 with knobbies and we ripped out onto the dirt soon after.  I let Scott lead the ride as he was out plotting courses for me while I was riding Triumphs in Moab the week before, and he is also a very skilled dirt rider who always plays jack in the back for me, time for me to let him unleash the beast and set his own pace since it was only us three who knew the course he plotted pretty well.  We hit up some of the most beautifully manicured dirt roads that let us keep the speed up and smiles on our faces as we enjoyed the scenery to the maximum with all the leaves still missing from the tree’s frozen limbs.  One spot we hit was Bald Mountain on the way up other wide-open trails that led us to the top of Pott’s Mountain…everything in the middle is a secret for another Sunday Adventure Ride in the future.  We would stop for a smoke and a joke every trail head and enjoyed each other company and shenanigans, one of the best parts of my Sunday Rides, the comradery you get in meeting perfect strangers who become good friends by the end of the 5 hour toot across God’s country that anyone and everyone can enjoy.  We hope to see you on the next Sunday Ride and tell your friends so you can share this top 5 riding destinations in the country with them…we will share our secret roads if you share yours ; )


Video links to the ride:

With weather permitting, there will be continued support of a Sunday Adventure Ride the first Sunday of every month; and a Sunday Street Ride the third Sunday of every month.  Variations may happen due to Track Days and the way the calendar falls on longer months to accommodate other fun opportunities with us here at Frontline Eurosports.


Assemble: 8:40
Depart: 9:00
Rally Point:  Frontline Eurosports 1003 Electric Rd. Salem, VA 24153

Nate’s Bike Review: 2018 Triumph Champion Immersion Event
2018 Triumph Tiger 800/1200, 2018 Bonneville Bobber & Speedmaster, 2019 Triumph Speed Triple RS

I was lucky enough to be invited to the ’18 Triumph Champion Moab Immersion event in the Moab Desert to get to test out the new models being released and what an experience.  Not only was it a pleasure to be able to experience the sheer beauty of being back out west, but the machines were fantastic and a real eye-opener to what Triumph is stepping up the game to in the next couple of years.  The new Tiger 1200 was the one everyone was talking about as it took on a huge diet losing over 26 lbs and gaining even better stability off-road..which we tested to the max on the all dirt-road desert canyon run took over everything from smooth manicured dirt, to washboard, to intense moon rock territory, with a nice little sandy water crossing that wet our socks to keep us cool in the desert heat!!  I really enjoyed the confidence of the machine as I mounted a 1200 XCA with Pirelli off-road tires and kept up with the two lead Tiger 800 XCa’s outfitted the same way, they only got away from me when we hit the really loose sandy corners that came out with big rock chunks to negotiate…with little visibility might I add as my new buddy from Salt Lake City was spinnin’ it up all the way around the course having the time of his life, as I was.  Half way through we switched bike and he mounted my 1200XCa and I his 800XCa where I felt more at home whilst flying down the dirt roads at speed up to 80mph…letting the zippy 3-cylinder eat the rear tire up all the way up canyonmountain roads with 1000 drop offs just feet away from our line.  The lead, Crazy Canadian, let us play a little harder than the rest of the pack as he saw us pushing for more so thank you to my leader who showed us an extra special good time on the way back to home base.  Everything about the new Tiger’s is amazing, except on thing I had issues with, and so did my new homie from SLC, the shift assist was funky and I’m eager to get out on a new unit here and try it out to see what we need to do to find it’s sweet spots for smooth clutchless upshifting and down shifting.  The Tiger 800 is definitely my off-road pick and the Tiger 1200 my pick for the long haul with more comfortable bar positioning and a fantastic TSAS system with shaft drive that rocks like a chain drive and electric windscreen to find the perfect wind protection…or in our case off-road the perfect flying rock protection hahahaha.

After a lunch break long the side of the Colorado River we go to test what I was told would be the best machine of the weekend.  The 2019 Triumph Speed Triple RS!!!!  It was absolutely fantastic, as it was as flickable as the new Street Triple 765 but with a lot more torque over the previous model, and with the new TFT screen you have a beautiful presentation in front of you as you blast up through gears with clutchless upshifting and downshifting.  The tone with the Arrow exhaust is terrific and it didn’t lose it timeless Speed Triple look still boasting a bold bulbous tank and trim with dual undertail exhaust.  I have to say that getting ride right behind my man Brian Stokes with the highlight of my whole trip, spectacular individual with amazing riding talent.  But, with his restrictions on what we could do on public roads….oh yeah Nick Brocha was our chase on the Speed ride and the Ernie Vigil was our chase for the off-road experience, nice to get to meet the Empire stunt team.  There was amazingly high wind gusts on the trip through the Colorado River pass and we had our machines tuned to not have track mode so the wheelie control as at a maximum…keeping the one wheel fun to a minimum for me but it was still a good time, needless to say I’m ready for a demo here at the shop to see what she can do in the mountains of Southwest Virginia.

When the Speed Triple RS tour was over we embarked on the most scenic tour with the new Bonneville Speedmaster and Bobber Black.  I rode the Speedmaster out and almost fell asleep, not from being tired from all the day’s activities and hours upon hours of intense riding but from the most relaxing position with those beautiful beach bars letting your body relax and the forward controls forward controls letting you kick back and soak it all in.  We headed up to the arches to see a sight we would never forget and great for photos.  Unfortunately, my battery died on the Sena 10c and I could only snap pictures of the amazing valleys and sculpted mountains all around us.  Really enjoyed having factory cruise control and the torque to rumble along enjoying like a tourist would.  The shifter was set a little low with the forward controls for most of the riders on the tour and was a complaint across the board but I’m sure there’s more adjustment in the linkage we can squeeze out, or just not wear racing and off-road boots on a cruiser might be advised, right?!?!  Once we reached the final arch destination we switched bikes and I through elbows through the crowd to score the Bobber Black with mini-apes as I knew that riding position was much more comfortable for my worn and torn old body, glad I did, we flew back home through the National Park as we were the last tour and I know our guide was ready for the day to end, but it gave us the opportunity to test her in the long sweepers and super tight 180 degree twisties back out of the park scrapping pegs all along the way.  Not much to report on them as they are a very relaxed motorcycle with plenty of style to turn heads, but, doesn’t get my excited like the sport and adventure bikes do as it’s just not personally my cup of tea.  That brings up a good point, if you can ride the machine and not having anything spectacular to say that’s good, you found that the machine was compliant and did everything you did when sight-seeing so you got to focus on the beauty around you and not just the machine.

We have these machines in our inventory now for you to come see and enjoy yourself and take one home to start a whole new life on a Triumph that will help you find your own way and lead the pack in the two-wheeled world we live in.

Track Days: ‘18 Calendar for PRE / California Superbike School May 7th ‘18

I am going to include the already announced Frontline Track Days with Performance Riding Experience (the only track day organization we work with) calendar for 2018!!April 2nd (Monday) VIR North.

Currently Attending:
Nate J.
Jeff C.
Richard M.
Ron T.
Dave C.
Martin L.
Kirk W.
Jesse D.
**Jason O.** I better see you there

May 14th (Monday) VIR North
June 17th (Sunday) VIR South
July 9th (Monday) VIR Full
August 12th (Monday) NCBike
October 7th (Sunday) CMP
October 28th (Sunday) VIR Partiot
October 29th (Monday) VIR North

California Superbike School:
May 7th Attendees so far:
Nate J.
Kevin D.
Justin W.
Terry S.

Upcoming Events:

OPEN HOUSE @ Frontline Eurosports 3.17.18 with Demos, Food, Parts Sales!!!!
High Pass Boogie Sign-Up – click link below:







Also, check our Frontline Eurosports website with huge used inventory and contact Nate for information,

Sold High Priority Units
DEPOSIT – 2018 BMW G310GS in Black Congrats Jenifer See you state side soon
DEPOSIT 2018 BMW RnineT Urban GS in White Congrats William
DEPOSIT – 2018 Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster Congrats Patrick
DEPOSIT – 2018 Triumph Street Triple R 765 Congrats Abbie
2018 BMW G310R in Blue SOLD Congrats Ron
2018 BMW K1600GTL Option 719 SOLD
2018 BMW R1200GS in White SOLD Congrats David
2017 BMW R1200GS in Red DEMO SOLD
2017 BMW R1200GS in White SOLD
2018 Ducati Multistrada 950 in Red SOLD Congrats Jason
2018 Triumph Bobber Black in Gloss SOLD Congrats Jim
2017 Triumph Tiger 800XCa in Matte Khaki Green SOLD Congrats John
2016 Triumph Street Twin in Matte Black (Used) SOLD


Factory Incentives:

Ask us about the crazy good deals we have on the listed units below!!!

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