Nate’s Parts Dept./Service Dept. Deals: Antigravity Batteries

Anti Gravity BatteriesFor those of you who don’t know, there is some spectacular technology out there that will blow your mind in the battery world!!!

The Antigravity Battery, Micro-Start PPS Personal Power Supply, has been used around the shop and is tested by our technicians and employees every day, whether it is starting a service customers motorcycle who has a dead battery, jumping off our own vehicles and race cars, to even giving our cell phones a charge at work when we forget our wall chargers, this package does it all.

We even had an employee’s husband take one to work and start a semi truck with a dead battery just to see if it would do it, well, made some pretty big boys upset when their laughs turned into dumbfounded stares of disbelief!!!  See what the Antigravity Battery can do for you, come on by and talk to our parts associates and ask for a demo.

For more info. Contact  Jason, Travis, or Van in our Parts Dept. (540) 387-9780.

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