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RawHyde was a Spectacular Event

Our RawHyde Adventure off-road clinic was a big success!  BMW represented by sending the Thomas brothers with Raw-Hyde to show us “Adventure Tourers” some new skills and techniques to take off of the beaten path with us.

There was a vast assortment of makes and models of motorcycles:  The ever-capable BMW GS’, new and innovative Triumph Tigers, an ever trusting KLR, Even a Kawasaki Concourse managed a drill or two.

The Thomas brothers started by showing us proper bike set-up: Tire pressure, raising the handlebars, removing the rubber from the footpegs, etc. We then began to practice simple drills such as standing while riding, and counterbalancing during low-speed turns.  Before we realized any time had passed, our collection of “PILOTS” (like that Nate?) were maneuvering their full-size motorcycles like 100cc dirtbikes in low-speed, controllable situations.

We are still looking for our “Dirty Dozen” to represent us for upcoming events and Adventure Rides.

The Dirty Dozen are a group of you folks who have volunteered to put on rides and events, all centric to the sport of Adventure Riding. Several of you have shown interest in becoming a Dirty Dozen Member, and will receive additional details shortly. If you are interested in joining the ranks of your Dirty Dozen, or would like to learn more, please let us know and we will talk with Shawn from RawHyde.

I have to give a shout-out and BIG thank you to BMW, RawHyde, and all who came out including some Pilots from The Twin Valley Riders (can’t wait for the rally guys!!!)  Thank you for participating in making this a fun and SAFE day.

Remember:  “A clean Adventure bike is a dirty shame!”

Chip Huff

Happy Triumph Tiger Customers

Due to the 70% increase in the adventure touring market since last year and I have tons of Happy Tiger Customers who wanted to share some pics of their bikes and how they had them outfitted for these crazy adventure touring trips they are coming back telling me about.  Check out these great images! (click the image to enlarge)


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