Sunday Ride – A Long Time Comin’

This Sunday ride was my first ride back since my injury so I took it nice and easy down a familiar path on a cruiser.  The bike was a Vulcan 900, nice at the beach and down the interstate but doesn’t quite handle like the Street Triple R’s and such that I’m used to flicking around the back roads of SouthWest Virginia.

Frontline Eurosports Sunday RideWe had a spectacular turn out with the assistance of our new social media group helping us get the word out.  We had the Vulcan 900, BMW R1200C, BMW G650GS, F800GS, a couple of R1200GS’s, Kawasaki Versys, and even a Piaggio MP3 500.  We headed down the normal path to find a specific destination we have been working on utilizing for a cook-out for a Sunday Ride.  We slipped down 419 to 311 and headed down ‘ol faithful 42 to hit up the goat path, 658, which was where the cook-out area was found.  We ran into a farmer who was affiliated with the owners of the area that we wanted to utilize and he was very enthusiastic about helping us arrange a cook-out for fellow riders, as he happened to be an avid motorcyclist himself.  After getting all the necessary contact information we headed down 658 to the 311 intersection so we could get our kicks up the mountain.

Frontline Eurosports Sunday Ride 08-05-12We kept it cool as there were immediate indicators that 311 has changed, they put down a bunch of “tire snakes” or tar patches that formed lines in the cracks.  This was the immediate conversation piece when we got to the Swinging Bridge Restaurant, “what the hell was that”, “did you feel those tire snakes”, “what happened to 311?”, and et catera on the negative changes we experienced on the mountain.  If you haven’t ridden that area lately be careful, they can take your front end and put it 6 inches to where you want it and have a horrible line or just the discomfort of having inconsistency in the front end all the way up the mountain.  We had the normal spectacular lunch we always have there and then the fun started, well the sprinkles started, then the real fun started.

We got hung up in some intense rain that seemed to just follow us down the road in a spiraling horse shoe shape, in the rain, out of the rain, out of the rain.  It was either a horse shoe effect or the fact that the three harley’s we got stuck behind doing 15mph were going so slow that we actually created a worm hole and kept running through the same storm as we kept slipping back in time from going so slow.  We wanted to get out of there as there was intense lightning and thunder with no cover, just clear skies right beyond the horizon that we continued to push forward to.

Great time, another “Nate’s Guided Military Tour” as we had another crew of veterans riding with us, had two new Marines that hadn’t been on one of our rides yet and a new Airmen came out with his wife on their nice 1200GS, I know you guys traveled almost an hour just to get there and an hour home in the rain so I applaud your dedication the motorsports industry.  It’s people like you motivated Sunday Riders who make this two-wheel dream for others a reality and a mentor for those who aspire to be “pilots”.

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