Sunday Ride: Beartown State Park Plans

Due to so many other track and training programs I have been self-obligated to, I have not been around for the last two Sunday Rides. One never turned into a ride as Van stayed up at the dealership waiting for riders, but the weather wasn’t great and we really didn’t expect anybody to show up.

Now that September is almost over we need to start planning our big final rides of the year, our polar bear rides, and get the Beartown State Park Trip that our faithful “Jack-in-the-back” has been waiting so patiently for all year.

Beartown State Park Motorcycle Day Trip

Due to this being a lot longer ride then our usual Sunday Ride, I am asking for prospective riders to email me or post your ideas in the comments below, some prospective dates that are good for you and a list of individuals planning to attend so we can really pre-plan this activity.

We will be leaving the Frontline facility in Salem around 9:00AM instead of our usual 11:00AM departure time. The ride could be anywhere from three to four hours to get to Beartown State Park and similar return time. If you are one of my loyal Sunday Riders or just getting into the Frontline Eurosports activities and would like to experience something new and exciting on your two-wheel machine, then contact me asap via email, phone or comments below so I can develop a list of participants and get the ball rolling for more Sunday Fun!!

Smith Mountain Lake Sunday Ride option from one of our loyal customers

I have the following Sundays open if you want me to put together a run around the SM Lake area.  Sept. 30th, Oct. 7th & Oct. 28th.

Convenient starting point could be Bridgewater Plaza @ Hales Ford bridge (Rt. 122, Booker T. Washington Hwy at the Franklin Co. line).

If we start a bit earlier (say 10 AM), I could put together a 2-1/2 to 3 hr. romp and then end it back at my house for hamburgers/soda, etc.  Let me know what you think.  We can keep the speeds down to Mach 1 so the women can enjoy it too.

Recap of our last Sunday Ride

The last Sunday Ride had about six riders who rode out towards Smith Mountain Lake with their mixtures of Speed Triple R’s and Cruisers alike. They stopped at a little Mexican restaurant for lunch and then continued on their voyage back to the Salem area. Of the six riders five returned as one was closer to home after getting to Smith Mountain Lake than returning to Salem and then trudging another 3 hours back home.

Lets plan some memorable rides for 2012 during these next few months before the seasons change and we end up spending our time down south on the track. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Who: Any Rider

What: Sunday Ride with Frontline Eurosports

Where: Frontline Eurosports 1003 Electric Road, Salem VA

When: Assembling at 10:40AM and departing promptly at 11:00AM

Why: Fun, Socialization, weekend get-a-way, TO RIDE THAT BIKE!!!

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