Sunday Ride: Keepin’ it Alive

I would like to apologize for not being able to attend the last couple of Sunday Rides and will not be able to attend the next few in the future until I am fully recovered from an accident on the track, read Track Day post, that will be keeping me off two wheels momentarily.

That in conjunction with my summer vacation are the reasons that I haven’t got to a Nate’s News out since mid-May.  I am back on top of the newsletter game and our newly designed Frontline Eurosports Blog and Nate’s News Newsletter are finally here! Expect emails containing the newsletter and be sure to add the new email to your friends list so you guarantee receipt of the new Nate’s News.

Since the Frontline Sunday Ride has such a strong following I have had customers continue to show up and orchestrate rides without me in attendance or in one situation now Frontline employees at all due to training schools and other events scheduled.  That is what I originally intended for the rides to progress to, a spot and time allocated for anyone who wants to ride with other riders to come and meet up at the same place at the same time where there will always be a smiling face waiting for another riding buddy.

Who: Any Rider
What: Sunday Ride with Frontline Eurosports
Where: Frontline Eurosports 1003 Electric Road, Salem VA
When: Assembling at 10:40AM and departing promptly at 11:00AM
Why: Fun, Socialization, weekend get-a-way, TO RIDE THAT BIKE!!

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4 Responses to Sunday Ride: Keepin’ it Alive

  1. Buddy and Gloria Frye says:

    We would love to join you sometime for a ride do you ever know in advance where u are riding we are having a little problem with the trike right now hope to have it fixed by Wednesday.

    • Nate says:

      We generally decide when we get there but we like to plan rides in advance with other rider suggestions. Now with the some of the new technology we will be utilizing we should be able to let you know in advance if we have a pre-plotted course. Generally in a quick email. It would be great to see you!!!

  2. Jim from Bim says:

    If anyone would like to get acquainted with some of WV Backroads, gimme a holler and we’ll go check out a holler some where. A good ride north of you guys is to Lexington and then hit Route 39 to Rt 219, a good Round Robin trip. My personal goal is to tent camp from my big fat Tiger Explorer, what a machine!!! Has anyone fitted a GPS to the Explorer?

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