MotoMark1′s Overland Experience

We were fortunate to have Mark Brown, MotoMark1, come to Frontline Eurosports a few weeks ago and spend time with our customers in showing them new adventure touring riding techniques with classroom instruction and on the road training through the mountains of Virginia.

The weather didn’t want to cooperate that weekend but we still had some hard core riders (thanks TVR) attend the course and get to spend extra time with the instructors. Now that these individuals have a taste of what to expect in MotoMark1′s three day Overland course, they will be able to better prepare themselves for the training experience of a lifetime. Our Triumph Rep., Justin Kingsland, was in the Overland Recovery Vehicle which boasts state of the art equipment for recovery of motorcycles if necessary, camping quarters for emergency situations, medical equipment for the first responders, Mark and Justin, and communication out the wahoo with five different options for reaching out to whoever necessary.

Keep your eyes and ears open for invitations to the next Frontline Eurosports sponsored taster courses as we will be having the Overland instructors back with us next spring to offer more introductory courses for our customers. Contact us for information on how to attend their course yourself. Thank you to all of the MotoMark1 taster course participants and the instructors who joined us!!

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