Sunday Ride to Beartown State Park

Frontline Eurosports Motorcycle Ride to Beartown State ParkSunday (October 28) we will be leaving the Frontline Eurosports lot at 9:00AM instead of 11:00AM to go on a longer Sunday Ride than we normally partake in. We are going to the Beartown State Park in West Virginia. Anyone and every bike is welcome to join us, just understand it is a long ride with potential high speed junctions such as interstate 64 being a possibility, situation dictates.

Join us on this Sunday Ride

Beartown State Park

Who:   Any Pilot

What:   Sunday Fun Ride

Where:   Depart From – Frontline Eurosports      Destination – Beartown State Park WV

When:   Sunday 10.28.12  9:00am departure

Hope you can join us!  We do Sunday Rides every Sunday that leave the Frontline Salem lot at 11:00am sharp every Sunday. I do write ups on the Sunday Rides and include pictures in my Nate’s News Newsletter.  Click here to signup for Nate’s News. The storm approaching may cause interference with our travel, if it is storming we will not put our friends and customers at risk and call the ride off, look for announcements on Facebook and Twitter.

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