Sunday Rides!

Road Adventure Sunday RideSunday Ride: Pick your flavor…We do Road Rides, Off-Road Rides, Adventure Rides, and even Track Days!!

Road AdventureOur Sunday Ride program has been very successful this year even with me being gone a lot to participate in events out of state or at the track.  Thank you for coming out and making it such a great year so far, and there is more to come as I have been expanding the riding options to ensure we do not exclude any riding style from participating with Frontline Eurosports.  See below for our new riding events that have brought some new weekend riders to our door step every Sunday.


  1.  First Sunday of every month:  Jason and I took out on adventure touring machines and ripped up about 135 miles that day, most on great beginner level adventure touring roads consisting primarily of rural dirt and gravel roads.  They took us from Salem, into Roanoke, deep into Montgomery County, into the Floyd County and up to the Floyd downtown area where we refueled and jumped on roads that paralleled the Blue Ridge Parkway all the way back to the top of Bent Mountain.
  2. We found a day to do a full on dual sport ride with Logan and Matt where we completed the complete Pott’s Mountain Jeep Trail.  What beautiful scenery and awesome dual sport opportunity we had up there.  Pushed ourselves and our bikes to the limits with some of the obstacle courses we encountered, but nothing could hold these three dirt crazed maniacs back from completing the course and rewarding ourselves with an exhilarating ride down Pott’s Mountain on 311 when the dirt was all gone!!
  3. I got to take two pilots who had already completed the CornerSpeed Road Racing School to their first track day by themselves and watch them rip it up on bikes that one might not see at the track every day….a pair of BMW R1100S model bikes prepped for the track.  We ran into four or five other Roanoke residents who were enjoying VIR Full Course that day as well, such a small, tight, friendly community us motorcyclist live in isn’t it?
  4. My pride and joy of privileges that I get as a motorcycles salesman and employee of Frontline Eurosports.  Selling a new rider his first bike and getting to watch the experience from his first sight, to this first straddle, to taking ownership of the bike, and getting to go on their first ride with us on a Sunday Ride and meet their first motorcycle riding buddy, courtesy of Frontline Eurosports. ; )

    Dual Sport AdventureDon’t forget that we are doing dual sport and adventure touring riding events the first Sunday of every month.  Let’s get those GS and Tiger machines dirty!!!!!!

    Who: Anyone

    What: Sunday Ride with Frontline Eurosports Team

    Where: Frontline Eurosports 1003 Electric Road, Salem VA 24153

    When: Assembling at 10:40AM and departing promptly at 11:00AM

    Why: Fun, Great Food Destinations, Socialization, weekend get-a-way, TO RIDE THAT BIKE!!!


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