CornerSpin/Track Days as Experienced by Frontline Customers

CornerSpin Sept. 15th-16th was a huge success for Daniel, our sponsored Motocross racer, Steve, Speed Triple R, Ed-S1000RR, and myself.  Let’s hear from the customers as they tell it in Nate’s News.  Steve gave us a great write up about his experience with Frontline guiding him through the CornerSpin trip in Spencer N.C.

“Had an amazing time at the September 15-16 Cornerspin course sponsored by Frontline! Learned the theory behind riding faster through effective cornering from national superbike champion Aaron Stevenson and his expert instructors, and applied it together with a great group of students who learned, laughed, raced and spilled together. Three to one instructor to student ratio meant lots of personalized observation, input and correction when needed! I’d have never believed how much all of our skills could improve in two days if I hadn’t experienced it myself. Thanks to Nate for turning me on to this opportunity and for attending his fifth(!) Cornerspin course with those of us coming from Frontline! Tired, sore, and still grinning….”   Steve

Now that you have heard it from the mouth of the survivors themselves, I’m already filling up another school in the Nov. 10th-11th. We are now accepting the mandatory $200 deposit to hold your spot in the class, please stop by or mail in your check or cash to reserve your spot and we will keep the good times rollin’ at our next CornerSpin event!!!

Nov. 10th-11th CornerSpin Sign-Up:

Nate J.
Lars B.
Paul C.
Mark B.
Alan B.

Track Days:

Mid-Atlantic Ducati Track Day was attended by myself, Nate RS125, and Nate Wall, Yamaha R6, where he got to experience his first track day after many years of successful motocross racing. We stayed in paddock rooms right over the straight to wake up to a beautiful track scene and it is quick and easy to move over to our paddock set up and get the day started right with the CornerSpeed Crew. Nate is now hooked and wants to participate in more track days with us and pursue a road racing career to compliment his motocross career. Below, Nate Wall tells you why it was such a good experience participating in a CornerSpeed Track Day with Frontline Eurosports assisting him through the process:

“I recently got to experience one of the most memorable days of my life with motorcycles. I have been Riding dirt bikes my whole life and racing as well, however I recently purchased 2007 R6 and wanted to try my luck with road racing. I was very inexperienced when it came to riding on a road course and with the whole general workings of a day at the track. My friend Nate Jennings and Frontline Eurosports were there to help though. Through them I was able to get a track day with cornerspeed at Virginia International Raceway. There was a lot of requirements for this, such as bike set up, proper gear, etc. The crew at Frontline took care of it all, they safety wired my bike and got it ready for the inspection at the track. Also they had the gear I would need and gave me a great deal. Once at the track everything went very smoothly. Nate knew the workings in and out and was able to help me out a lot the whole day. He gave me pointers on bike set up, tire pressure, and technique. Also he was able to introduce me to multiple people who could help me in the future to get more involved in this sport. Being there with Nate and having the help of Frontline Eurosports behind us definitely made the day a very enjoyable, relaxing, learning experience. I look forward to the next time when I can get back out there. I highly suggest this to anyone who has the passion for motorcycles, no matter what your riding back ground is I guarantee you that it will be something you will never forget. I just want to say thanks again to Nate Jennings and Frontline for all there help and support.”   –  Nate Wall



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