Track Days: CornerSpeed at VIR

Chip, Tom, and Jason went to the Cornerspeed event at VIR this past July 30th to continue our monthly tradition of atleast on track day or training event a month. Chip took his Daytona 675R fresh from the paint shop, Tom took his Ducati 848 EVO fresh from the showroom floor, and Jason rocked out the ‘Ol Faithful ZX6R again, which I heard he was rippin’ it this weekend. Thank you Jason for representing for us while some of the crew weren’t able to participate. Hugh also joined the Frontline Crew at the Track to get some photos and short videos clips of the event. ┬áCheck out this CornerSpeed video!

As always, there was a day of fun kart riding and dining out at the track the day before the track day. Then we stay in paddock rooms right over the straight away to wake up to a beautiful track scene that is quick and easy to move over to our paddock set up and get the day started right with the Cornerspeed Crew.

VIR Sept. 10th Mid-Atlantic Ducati Fun Days:


Possibly more…


Check out link below for videos and myfacebook page for liked videos from other racers and Frontline friends.

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