Track Days: Summit Point Raceway

Well, I really got to know the track this time as we started out with a great ride up there taking some friends up to the track to participate in the CornerSpeed school while Chip and I just rode the course for a fun get away and opportunity to get oriented with the track and area so we can arrange future track days up there.  Then the rain came, ,and you know Nate, nothing is going to hold me back from getting my track time in so I waited until the track was open and continued to put in some laps while the rain was still falling just to get to know the track and prepare for a hard charging afternoon once it cleared up.

Summit Point Raceway

Well, that never came, the only thing that came together was the track and myself, haha, as I was getting comfortable with the track I started to loose the front and then lost the rear twice and decided to call it quits after one more lap. That was my mistake, always one more, right.  I was transitioning between turns 8 and 9 and lost the rear in a massive way when my rear tire contacted one of the large, and very slippery, seams.  I kept consistent throttle to try and ride it out, but when the little 250 lbs. racer wants to go in the rain she wants to go, I have never drifted a bike sideways that long before which gave me plenty of time to think hmmmm, which part of my body can I spare this time, haha, and as I was catapulted forward in the most intense high side I have ever been in I was lucky to be able to maneuver my body into position to attempt to use techniques used in my sky diving training and martial arts training to try and slow the fall without breaking any limbs.  Success, I thought as I slide across the ground and off to the wet grass on the side of the track out of harms way of, well there were only three other riders braving the rain with me, other riders.

I bounced up immediately hoping for the best for my bike and found that she was going to start and able to be ridden back to the pits to avoid the “truck of shame” (in a big, bold announcers voice).  Once back in the pits I realized that maybe I should have put the Go-Pro on this time so that I could at least have proof of another awesome battle story, but those thoughts quickly subdued as I realized that I couldn’t get off the bike without the help of my trusty track day side kick Chip, who managed to help me slide off the bike just in time for me to get the broken bone instant flushed, profusely sweating sensation of knowing that I needed to find the emergency staff to get a ride to the ER for a check up.

The diagnosis was a punctured lung and broken #6 rib which was going to put a damper on my sales that week and my riding for the next 12 weeks, well, that’s what they said.  I found a quick loop hole, doctors orders said not to get back on two wheels for we weeks and my first thought was “sure am glad we just picked up Ural”.  I have some great pics attached of the X-Ray and the track set-up we had at Summit Point.

Looking forward to being the hairest Umbrella Girl at the July 30th track day with CornerSpeed at VIR as I support other riders get some track time in and enjoy the 160mph air condition if their power is still out like it has been all week here in the Montgomery County and Roanke County areas.  Yes, we do sell Generac Generators too.  If anyone knows if there was a photographer there on June 18th Summit Point Raceway I would love to see if they caught my Evil Kenevil Stunt.

Once at the hospital they were continuously checking me all over for other broken bones due to the previous injuries that I have aquired in the past and were amazed that with a punctured lung and broken rib that I didn’t have any other bleeding or road rash.  I just told them about how great the AGVSport one piece suit I was wearing works in conujunction with my amazing Sidi boots and AGV helmet.  Thank you MotoNation and can’t wait to get my new Kangaroo Suit from you guys now that they had to cut this one off  me.

These track days are just a couple of weeks away and we have these sweet new track packs available.  Even if you can’t do the track day you can convoy on down with us or meet us at the track to catch all the excitement close up and personal, even score a ride on the back of XXX’s bike with a spectacular two-up ride around VIR at SPEEEED, XXX is an instructor for CornerSpeed.

If you have already signed up, as I know a few of you have, for the Mid-Atlantic Ducati weekend contact me so we can arrange traveling arrangement down there.

Check out videos on my YouTube channel and my Facebook page for “liked” videos from other racers and Frontline friends.

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3 Responses to Track Days: Summit Point Raceway

  1. Hugh says:

    I know it hurts ! It always does but we keep on doing it !! Good guy stuff !!
    Great Job.

  2. Kirk Wehner says:

    Hey Nathan, I heard about your rib situation – not fun. Sleeping in the reclining seat in my car helped me a lot – you might want to try it. Just wondering if it is too late to get in on the July 30 th track day?

    Thx, Kirk

  3. Nate says:

    Shouldn’t be too late, would you like me to contact aaron for you or do you want to just apply on their website ( I’ll send him an email for you!

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