Ural Meet and Greet in Black Mountain, NC

Ural Meet and Greet at Black Mountain

October 12-14, 2012
Black Mountain, NC

Camping will be at the Asheville East KOA


Friday afternoon will be a meet & greet at the KOA.

Friday night supper will be at the Berliner Kindl German restaurant in Black Mountain, just ten minutes away.

Saturday morning breakfast at the campground grill if you like. Kick tires and shoot the breeze until 10 or so and split up for group rides.

Saturday evening; soup and bread supper back at camp.

Sunday morning; Breakfast at the grill or whatever you like to do.

Local folks with more time to get home often have another group ride together Sunday morning. Those of us who have to drive all day to get home make our goodbyes and pack up to leave.

If you log in and follow the blog you can keep up with the events.

Email if you have questions: n180ab@yahoo.com and join the Ural Riders of the Southeast Facebook page.

Chip Ritchie, 704-789-3195

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One Response to Ural Meet and Greet in Black Mountain, NC

  1. Jack Decker says:

    I just want to send a note to all of you who have helped me back up when I’ve done my fall-off routine when we stop. It’s comforting to know that you won’t drive off and leave me lying in the street- many thanks to all.
    I also want to apologize for doing my best ever fall while none of you were around to watch. My friend Tony invited us for dinner at his place, so we rode there to give Alyssa some 2-wheel time (She’s my son’s fiancee). Guess what happened in the parking lot? I was getting off the bike, and of course fell over. This time though, I received some souveniers. I now have an abraded elbow, a bruise on my forearm from elbow to wrist, a cut knee with nine stitches, and last but not least, three dislocated ribs. Never willing to take the easy way out, instead of simply pulling the ribs out of their sockets I managed to jam them through the back of their sockets and up over the sternum. Needless to say
    I tore a lot of cartilage and made me say ” ouch”. I’ve been healing since Sept. 22 but I’m not there yet- however I’m not going to miss Beartown.
    I might be-
    Jackwayintheback – see you Sunday

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